1f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus/*
2f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus * Copyright (c) 2008 Stephan A��mus <superstippi@gmx.de>. All rights reserved.
3f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus * Distributed under the terms of the MIT/X11 license.
4f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus *
5f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus * Copyright (c) 1999 Mike Steed. You are free to use and distribute this software
6f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus * as long as it is accompanied by it's documentation and this copyright notice.
7f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus * The software comes with no warranty, etc.
8f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus */
9f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus#ifndef CONTROLS_VIEW_H
10f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus#define CONTROLS_VIEW_H
11f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
12f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus#include <Button.h>
13f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus#include <View.h>
14f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
15f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
16dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierreclass BMessage;
17f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmusclass BVolume;
18f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
19dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierrestruct FileInfo;
20dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierre
21f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmusclass ControlsView: public BView {
22f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmuspublic:
23dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierre								ControlsView();
24f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus	virtual						~ControlsView();
25f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
26dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierre	virtual	void				MessageReceived(BMessage* msg);
27f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
28f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus			BVolume*			FindDeviceFor(dev_t device,
29f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus									bool invoke = false);
30dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierre
313e52a3d5SPhilippe Saint-Pierre			void				EnableRescan();
323e52a3d5SPhilippe Saint-Pierre			void				EnableCancel();
33dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierre			void				ShowInfo(const FileInfo* info);
34dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierre
35f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmusprivate:
36dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierre			class 				VolumeTabView;
37f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
38dde4ac43SPhilippe Saint-Pierre			VolumeTabView*		fVolumeTabView;
39f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus};
40f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
41f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus
42f75a7bf5SStephan Aßmus#endif // CONTROLS_VIEW_H