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acl.hH A D22-Nov-20121.2 KiB

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bits.hH A D22-Nov-2012801

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readmeH A D22-Nov-2012543

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setmode.hH A D22-Nov-2012782


1This graphics driver for BeOS 5 supports Tseng Labs ET6000, ET6100
2and ET6300 chips. Version 0.5 features are:
3 - 640x480, 800x600 and 1024x768 resolutions with 15, 16 and 24 bits
4   per pixel and 60-75 Hz monitor refresh rates;
5 - hardware accelerated screen-to-screen blocks copying;
6 - hardware accelerated rectangular areas filling.
8Note that the original Screen preferences program shipped with
9BeOS 5 does not provide the possibily to set 24bpp modes.
11To install the driver run script in Terminal
12from "binaries" directory.