2# This file is a part of BeOS USB SCSI interface module project.
3# Copyright (c) 2003-2004 by Siarzhuk Zharski <imker@gmx.li>
5# This file may be used under the terms of the BSD License
6# See the file "License" for details.
8#1) Correct handling of FORMAT_UNIT command
9#2) Correct handling of SCSI return codes
10#3) Locking of trace file should be not so "hard"
114)(????)Correct locking of driver entry in xpt_scsi_io
12#5) Use USB stack 2.0 ? 
136)(???) Hang problem with DriveSetup #reproduced on clean system without SCSI...
14#7) Support of CBI protocol
15#8) Support of FREECOM protocol
16#9) Support of read-only forcing (fyysik asks)
17#10) Make reservation of devices more flexible (can switch it off). 
18#11) Transfer should be build on callback ideology
19#12) Timeouts should be more adequate
2013) Review RBC transform against specs
2114) Review QIC-157 transform against specs
22#15) Make HBA SCSI ID configurable
23#16) Think on possibility to use "one.dev <-> one.path" scheme
24#17) Set cam_scsi_status correctly on return!
25#18) Support of autosense on fake devices
26#-INVALID-19)Locking for fake devices too
27#20) What with write-protected devices?
28#21) Some kind of investigation - try to return CHECK_CONDITION in case of zero autosense_len - will system resend this command with non-zero autosense len?
29#22) mode sense data for 10-byte translated command. Wait for test results. Probably will be not required at all.
30#23) implement protocols as modules
31#24) Some kind of automatic detection if 6-byte READ/WRITE and MODE SELECT/SENSE commands supported.
32#25) Do not let MODE_SENSE go to NOT READY LUNs. It can "kill" the hardware
33#26) Replace the write/read to fwrite/fread in tracing daemon (fyysik's request)
3427)(???) Looks like system ignores our CHECK_CONDITION (for example on handling 1e, 1b, 2a). Is it our problem?
35#-INVALID-28) Clean-up the data buffer before MODE_SENSE request ....
36#29) Problem with synchronize cache command (see BePage's log)
37#30) Try to workaround R5+patches=KDL problem. Ignore calls from 'sysinit2'? 
3831) Work with NewFS Tracker and it's derivatives. There are lot of problems with that mad software.
39#32) deactivate automatic READ(10)->READ(6) switching. Looks like it's makes more problems than solves.
40#33) Are we really need private protocol buffer ? Try to remove this and use stack allocated objects.
41#34) Tracing in protocols implementations should be more generic ...
42#35) overwrite tracing ...
4336) Handle FORMAT_UNIT for UFI devices.
44#37) Locking of global devices table
45#38) Locking of device_removed - avoid removing during handling xpt_scsi_io
4639) Device mounted than unplugged.It stay mounted but doesn't work and get the garbage in "opened" files. Are there solutions?
47#40) open log file in /var/log/ instead of home directory 
48#41) More correct work with MODE_SENSE/MODE_SELECT convertions ...
49#42) debug output settings should be used in protocol extensions too ...
50#-INVALID!-43) What with sense data? should it be reorganized as MODE_SENSE/MODE_SELECT one?
5144) Fix possible problem with READ_CAPACITY command. Some cameras produce "Generic OS Error" during mounting.
52#45) Some Minolta cameras have nulified semaphore after creation. :-( )
53#46) Add "invalid" devices entries. Check your mailing for information. 
54#-DUPLICATE-47) A word about disabling Zeta's modules in manual.
55#48) Handle all TODOs in ReadMe.html before releasing RC-1.
56#49) Handling 0xA1 (Blank) command for C/DVD-RW devices. Should be like FORMAT UNIT?
57#-CDBurner's problem-50) Problems with 35h SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE command with CDBurner on FREECOM module.
58#-Problems in current BeOS USB stack- 51) Support for DATAFAB extention
59#-INVALID-52)Some kind of reset required for FREECOM. Test it until this MODE_SELECT is not working!
60#51) problem with SCSIProbe
61#52) Support for Siemens MP3 Player
62#53) Stess tests for floppy
6354) Handling of transfer timeout should be refactored.
6455) Tracing Mode_sense/mode_select data for all case if configured - not only for converting!
65#56) Are there problems with simultaneous tracing to log file and system log? Check!
6657) Write a ReadMe.html for FREECOM module and make distribution support for it.
67#58) Add tracing for READ_CAPACITY results
6859) Check again MODE_SENSE/MODE_SELECT pages translations... MYOB has some problems...