17dc43c25SFrançois Revol* TODO Improve the drawing of both Keymap and VirtualKeyboard (Same code)
27dc43c25SFrançois Revol* TODO Create a handler class so that Keyboard View does not know about input device
37dc43c25SFrançois Revol* TODO Add a window to change layout, font, and maps. The functions to load the items are already there! Just need to create a settings directory for preferences.
47dc43c25SFrançois Revol* TODO The held down keys (ctrl, caps, shift, alt, etc) have an issue where they stay down. To replicate click one of the listed keys. Click an alphabet key. Then try click the held down key again. The key will stay stuck
57dc43c25SFrançois Revol* TODO Add deskbar option to open the keyboard
67dc43c25SFrançois Revol* TODO factor-out code common to both Keymap and VirtualKeyboard
77dc43c25SFrançois Revol* TODO handle B_KEY_MAP_CHANGED and B_KEY_LOCKS_CHANGED
87dc43c25SFrançois Revol* TODO find a way to not start it on boot (might need patching input_server)
9642c5de7SFrançois Revol* TODO watch for active window to reposition the keyboard at top or bottom of screen
10642c5de7SFrançois Revol* TODO watch for active control and dynamically display keyboard when on text control