1063bb805SMatt Madia
2063bb805SMatt MadiaLEGAL ISSUES
3063bb805SMatt Madia============
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5063bb805SMatt MadiaIn plain English:
6063bb805SMatt Madia
7063bb805SMatt Madia1. We don't promise that this software works.  (But if you find any bugs,
8063bb805SMatt Madia   please let us know!)
9063bb805SMatt Madia2. You can use this software for whatever you want.  You don't have to pay us.
10063bb805SMatt Madia3. You may not pretend that you wrote this software.  If you use it in a
11063bb805SMatt Madia   program, you must acknowledge somewhere in your documentation that
12063bb805SMatt Madia   you've used the IJG code.
13063bb805SMatt Madia
14063bb805SMatt MadiaIn legalese:
15063bb805SMatt Madia
16063bb805SMatt MadiaThe authors make NO WARRANTY or representation, either express or implied,
17063bb805SMatt Madiawith respect to this software, its quality, accuracy, merchantability, or
18063bb805SMatt Madiafitness for a particular purpose.  This software is provided "AS IS", and you,
19063bb805SMatt Madiaits user, assume the entire risk as to its quality and accuracy.
20063bb805SMatt Madia
21063bb805SMatt MadiaThis software is copyright (C) 1991-2010, Thomas G. Lane, Guido Vollbeding.
22063bb805SMatt MadiaAll Rights Reserved except as specified below.
23063bb805SMatt Madia
24063bb805SMatt MadiaPermission is hereby granted to use, copy, modify, and distribute this
25063bb805SMatt Madiasoftware (or portions thereof) for any purpose, without fee, subject to these
26063bb805SMatt Madiaconditions:
27063bb805SMatt Madia(1) If any part of the source code for this software is distributed, then this
28063bb805SMatt MadiaREADME file must be included, with this copyright and no-warranty notice
29063bb805SMatt Madiaunaltered; and any additions, deletions, or changes to the original files
30063bb805SMatt Madiamust be clearly indicated in accompanying documentation.
31063bb805SMatt Madia(2) If only executable code is distributed, then the accompanying
32063bb805SMatt Madiadocumentation must state that "this software is based in part on the work of
33063bb805SMatt Madiathe Independent JPEG Group".
34063bb805SMatt Madia(3) Permission for use of this software is granted only if the user accepts
35063bb805SMatt Madiafull responsibility for any undesirable consequences; the authors accept
36063bb805SMatt MadiaNO LIABILITY for damages of any kind.
37063bb805SMatt Madia
38063bb805SMatt MadiaThese conditions apply to any software derived from or based on the IJG code,
39063bb805SMatt Madianot just to the unmodified library.  If you use our work, you ought to
40063bb805SMatt Madiaacknowledge us.
41063bb805SMatt Madia
42063bb805SMatt MadiaPermission is NOT granted for the use of any IJG author's name or company name
43063bb805SMatt Madiain advertising or publicity relating to this software or products derived from
44063bb805SMatt Madiait.  This software may be referred to only as "the Independent JPEG Group's
45063bb805SMatt Madiasoftware".
46063bb805SMatt Madia
47063bb805SMatt MadiaWe specifically permit and encourage the use of this software as the basis of
48063bb805SMatt Madiacommercial products, provided that all warranty or liability claims are
49063bb805SMatt Madiaassumed by the product vendor.
50063bb805SMatt Madia
51063bb805SMatt Madia
52063bb805SMatt Madiaansi2knr.c is included in this distribution by permission of L. Peter Deutsch,
53063bb805SMatt Madiasole proprietor of its copyright holder, Aladdin Enterprises of Menlo Park, CA.
54063bb805SMatt Madiaansi2knr.c is NOT covered by the above copyright and conditions, but instead
55063bb805SMatt Madiaby the usual distribution terms of the Free Software Foundation; principally,
56063bb805SMatt Madiathat you must include source code if you redistribute it.  (See the file
57063bb805SMatt Madiaansi2knr.c for full details.)  However, since ansi2knr.c is not needed as part
58063bb805SMatt Madiaof any program generated from the IJG code, this does not limit you more than
59063bb805SMatt Madiathe foregoing paragraphs do.
60063bb805SMatt Madia
61063bb805SMatt MadiaThe Unix configuration script "configure" was produced with GNU Autoconf.
62063bb805SMatt MadiaIt is copyright by the Free Software Foundation but is freely distributable.
63063bb805SMatt MadiaThe same holds for its supporting scripts (config.guess, config.sub,
64063bb805SMatt Madialtmain.sh).  Another support script, install-sh, is copyright by X Consortium
65063bb805SMatt Madiabut is also freely distributable.
66063bb805SMatt Madia
67063bb805SMatt MadiaThe IJG distribution formerly included code to read and write GIF files.
68063bb805SMatt MadiaTo avoid entanglement with the Unisys LZW patent, GIF reading support has
69063bb805SMatt Madiabeen removed altogether, and the GIF writer has been simplified to produce
70063bb805SMatt Madia"uncompressed GIFs".  This technique does not use the LZW algorithm; the
71063bb805SMatt Madiaresulting GIF files are larger than usual, but are readable by all standard
72063bb805SMatt MadiaGIF decoders.
73063bb805SMatt Madia
74063bb805SMatt MadiaWe are required to state that
75063bb805SMatt Madia    "The Graphics Interchange Format(c) is the Copyright property of
76063bb805SMatt Madia    CompuServe Incorporated.  GIF(sm) is a Service Mark property of
77063bb805SMatt Madia    CompuServe Incorporated."
78063bb805SMatt Madia