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H A DSubWindowManager.cpp66 SubWindowManager::Broadcast(uint32 messageCode) argument
68 BMessage message(messageCode);
H A DSubWindowManager.h28 void Broadcast(uint32 messageCode);
H A DDebugMessageHandler.h16 virtual bool HandleDebugMessage(int32 messageCode,
56 virtual bool UnhandledDebugMessage(int32 messageCode,
H A Ddebug_support.h27 status_t send_debug_message(debug_context *context, int32 messageCode,
43 debug_debugger_message *messageCode, debug_cpu_state *cpuState);
H A DDebugContext.h25 status_t SendDebugMessage(int32 messageCode,
H A DLaunchTesterHelper.h80 int32 argc, const char **argv, uint32 messageCode);
91 bool WaitForMessage(uint32 messageCode, bool fromNow = false,
93 bool WaitForMessage(team_id team, uint32 messageCode, bool fromNow = false,
115 Message *FindMessage(uint32 messageCode);
118 void NotifySleepers(uint32 messageCode);
H A DLaunchTesterHelper.cpp42 status_t Init(uint32 messageCode) argument
44 fMessageCode = messageCode;
126 LaunchContext::Message *FindMessage(uint32 messageCode, argument
131 if (message->message.what == messageCode)
147 void NotifySleepers(uint32 messageCode) argument
152 if (sleeper->MessageCode() == messageCode)
472 const char **argv, uint32 messageCode)
475 bool result = (message && message->what == messageCode);
589 LaunchContext::WaitForMessage(uint32 messageCode, bool fromNow, argument
595 if (fromNow || !FindMessage(messageCode)) {
469 CheckArgsMessage(LaunchCaller &caller, team_id team, int32 &cookie, const entry_ref *appRef, const entry_ref *ref , int32 argc, const char **argv, uint32 messageCode) argument
616 WaitForMessage(team_id team, uint32 messageCode, bool fromNow, bigtime_t timeout, int32 startIndex) argument
740 FindMessage(uint32 messageCode) argument
766 NotifySleepers(uint32 messageCode) argument
H A DRosterWatchingTester.cpp112 const app_info &info, uint32 messageCode)
123 if (message.what != messageCode)
124 printf("message.what: %.4s vs messageCode: %.4s\n", (char*)&message.what,
125 (char*)&messageCode);
126 CHK(message.what == messageCode);
111 check_watching_message(LaunchContext &context, team_id team, int32 &cookie, const app_info &info, uint32 messageCode) argument
H A DDebugMessageHandler.cpp19 \param messageCode The (port) message code identifying the debugger message.
25 BDebugMessageHandler::HandleDebugMessage(int32 messageCode, argument
28 switch (messageCode) {
220 BDebugMessageHandler::UnhandledDebugMessage(int32 messageCode, argument
H A DDebugContext.cpp48 BDebugContext::SendDebugMessage(int32 messageCode, const void *message, argument
51 return send_debug_message(&fContext, messageCode, message, messageSize,
H A Ddebug_support.cpp77 send_debug_message(debug_context *context, int32 messageCode, argument
85 status_t result = write_port(context->nub_port, messageCode, message,
289 debug_debugger_message *messageCode, debug_cpu_state *cpuState)
309 if (messageCode)
310 *messageCode = reply.message;
288 debug_get_cpu_state(debug_context *context, thread_id thread, debug_debugger_message *messageCode, debug_cpu_state *cpuState) argument
H A Dsystem_watching_test.cpp110 int32 messageCode; local
111 ssize_t bytesRead = read_port(port, &messageCode, buffer,
H A DLocalDebuggerInterface.h81 status_t _CreateDebugEvent(int32 messageCode,
H A DLocalDebuggerInterface.cpp355 int32 messageCode; local
356 ssize_t size = read_port(fDebuggerPort, &messageCode, buffer,
365 if (messageCode <= B_DEBUGGER_MESSAGE_HANDED_OVER) {
372 status_t error = _CreateDebugEvent(messageCode, message, ignore,
788 LocalDebuggerInterface::_CreateDebugEvent(int32 messageCode, argument
794 switch (messageCode) {
916 "from kernel: %" B_PRId32 "\n", fTeamID, messageCode);
H A DLocalTargetHostInterface.cpp251 int32 messageCode; local
254 ssize_t size = read_port_etc(interface->fDataPort, &messageCode,
H A Dport.cpp1872 int32 messageCode; local
1883 bytesRead = read_port_etc(port, &messageCode, userBuffer, bufferSize,
1887 && user_memcpy(userCode, &messageCode, sizeof(int32)) < B_OK)
1895 _user_write_port_etc(port_id port, int32 messageCode, const void *userBuffer, argument
1907 status_t status = writev_port_etc(port, messageCode, &vec, 1, bufferSize,
1915 _user_writev_port_etc(port_id port, int32 messageCode, const iovec *userVecs, argument
1937 status_t status = writev_port_etc(port, messageCode, vecs, vecCount,
H A DNetFSServer.cpp1196 uint32 messageCode = (update ? BROADCAST_MESSAGE_SERVER_UPDATE local
1198 message.message = B_HOST_TO_BENDIAN_INT32(messageCode);
H A DHaikuRemoteDesktop.js981 this.messageCode = this.dataView.readUint16();
992 return this.messageCode;

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