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H A Dpci_fixup.cpp83 intel_fixup_ahci(PCI *pci, uint8 domain, uint8 bus, uint8 device, function
91 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci: WARNING found ICH8 device id 0x2825\n");
94 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci: WARNING found ICH9 device id 0x2926\n");
108 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci: domain %u, bus %u, device %u, function %u, "
111 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci: 0x24: 0x%08" B_PRIx32 "\n",
113 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci: 0x90: 0x%02" B_PRIx32 "\n",
122 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci: switching from IDE to AHCI mode\n");
128 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci: ide-bar5 bits-1: 0x%08" B_PRIx32 "\n",
131 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci: ide-bar5 bits-0: 0x%08" B_PRIx32 "\n",
139 dprintf("intel_fixup_ahci

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