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H A DKPPPLayer.h44 virtual bool Up() = 0;
H A DKPPPDevice.h56 virtual bool Up() = 0;
H A DKPPPProtocol.h37 //! The activation phase is the phase when Up() should be called.
73 //! Returns whether an Up() is requested.
85 virtual bool Up() = 0;
113 //! \brief Requests Up() to be called.
118 // (from now on, the Up() process can be aborted).
H A DKPPPLCP.h85 virtual bool Up();
H A DKPPPInterface.h207 virtual bool Up();
208 // in server mode Up() listens for an incoming connection
H A DPPPInterface.h49 bool Up() const;
H A DPPPoEDevice.h48 virtual bool Up();
H A DPPPoEDevice.cpp122 PPPoEDevice::Up() function in class:PPPoEDevice
124 TRACE("PPPoEDevice: Up()\n");
215 ERROR("PPPoEDevice::Up(): EthernetIfnet()->output() failed!\n");
219 dprintf("PPPoEDevice::Up(): EthernetIfnet()->output() success!\n");
595 if (!Up())
H A DModemDevice.h44 virtual bool Up();
H A DModemDevice.cpp232 ModemDevice::Up() function in class:ModemDevice
234 TRACE("ModemDevice: Up()\n");
H A DProtocol.h58 virtual bool Up();
H A DProtocol.cpp111 PAP::Up() function in class:PAP
113 TRACE("PAP: Up() state=%d\n", State());
H A DKPPPProtocol.cpp158 A disabled protocol is ignored and Up() is not called!
169 Up();
183 Called by Up(). \n
204 /*! \brief Reports that we failed going up. May only be called after Up() was called.
216 /*! \brief Reports that we went up. May only be called after Up() was called.
H A DKPPPLCP.cpp206 KPPPLCP::Up() function in class:KPPPLCP
H A DKPPPInterface.cpp383 // alreay locked in ::Up and ::KPPPInterface
1054 protocol->Up();
1327 \c Down() overrides all \c Up() requests. \n
1333 KPPPInterface::Up() function in class:KPPPInterface
1335 TRACE("KPPPInterface: Up()\n");
1352 \c Down() overrides all \c Up() requests. \n
1574 && !Up()) && !WaitForConnection()) {
2040 // start a new thread that calls our Up() method
2070 info.interface->Up();
H A DKPPPStateMachine.cpp254 NOTE: This must be called \e after \c KPPPProtocol::Up().
535 A \c Device::Up() should wait until the device went down.
760 if (Interface().Device() && !Interface().Device()->Up()) {
1697 if (Interface().Device() && !Interface().Device()->Up())
1970 protocol->Up();
H A DProtocol.h73 virtual bool Up();
H A DProtocol.cpp165 IPCP::Up() function in class:IPCP
167 TRACE("IPCP: Up() state=%d\n", State());
169 // Servers do not send a configure-request when Up() is called. They wait until
H A Dppp.cpp136 if (device->KPPP_Interface->Up() != true) {
137 dprintf("%s: warning! KPPP_Interface->Up() failure\n", __func__);
H A Dpppconfig.cpp151 interface.Up();
178 if (!interface.Up()) {
H A DPPPInterface.cpp381 PPPInterface::Up() const function in class:PPPInterface
H A DConnectionView.cpp200 interface.Up();
H A DDialUpView.cpp448 interface.Up();

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