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H A DKUndoBuffer.h63 void On();
H A DKUndoBuffer.cpp106 KUndoBuffer::On() function in class:KUndoBuffer
H A DContent.cpp837 fUndoBuffer.On();
838 fInputMethodUndoBuffer.On();
3310 fUndoBuffer.On();
3357 fUndoBuffer.On();
H A Dfuse_common.h212 # error On FreeBSD and Haiku API version 25 or greater must be used
H A DKeymap.cpp864 "#\tNOTE: On a Microsoft Natural Keyboard:\n"
868 "#\tNOTE: On an Apple Extended Keyboard:\n"
H A DResourcesFormat.tex43 On the one hand there are formats of files that exclusively contain resources

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