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H A DFindInstantiationFuncTester.h34 void Case8();
H A DInstantiateObjectTester.h20 void Case8();
H A DInstantiateObjectTester.cpp179 // Verified that addon is *not* unloaded in the Be implementation. If Case8
261 void TInstantiateObjectTester::Case8() function in class:TInstantiateObjectTester
455 ADD_TEST(SuiteOfTests, TInstantiateObjectTester, Case8);
572 Case8();
H A DFindInstantiationFuncTester.cpp151 void TFindInstantiationFuncTester::Case8() function in class:TFindInstantiationFuncTester
369 ADD_TEST(SuiteOfTests, TFindInstantiationFuncTester, Case8);

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