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H A Dgetopt_init.c49 char var[50]; local
H A DSummand.cpp20 Summand::Summand(double coeff, Variable* var) argument
76 Summand::SetVar(Variable* var) argument
H A DVariable.cpp195 Variable::IsEqual(Variable* var) argument
211 Variable::IsSmallerOrEqual(Variable* var) argument
227 Variable::IsGreaterOrEqual(Variable* var) argument
237 Variable::IsEqual(Variable* var, doubl argument
248 IsSmallerOrEqual(Variable* var, double penaltyNeg, double penaltyPos) argument
259 IsGreaterOrEqual(Variable* var, double penaltyNeg, double penaltyPos) argument
H A DLinearSpec.cpp267 Variable* var = leftSide->ItemAt(i)->Var(); local
299 Variable* var = leftSide->ItemAt(i)->Var(); local
317 LinearSpec::_AddConstraintRef(Variable* var) argument
325 LinearSpec::_RemoveConstraintRef(Variable* var) argument
339 Variable* var = leftSide->ItemAt(i)->Var(); local
346 Variable* var = oldSummands->ItemAt(i)->Var(); local
617 GetRangeConstraints(const Variable* var, const Constraint** _min, const Constraint** _max) const argument
H A DActiveSetSolver.cpp306 AddMinConstraint(LinearSpec* spec, Variable* var) argument
313 AddMaxConstraint(LinearSpec* spec, Variable* var) argument
650 ActiveSetSolver::GetRangeConstraints(const Variable* var, argument
H A Duuid_time.c79 int var; local
H A Dfuse_opt.c190 static int process_opt_param(void *var, const char *format, const char *param, argument
217 void *var = (char*)ctx->data + opt->offset; local
H A DTestShell.cpp242 void *var = tls_get(fTLSDebuggerCall); local
259 void *var = tls_get(fTLSDebuggerCall); local
575 void *var = tls_get(fTLSDebuggerCall); local
H A DMiniView.cpp48 Setenv(const char *var, const char *value) argument
H A DSharedSolver.cpp335 Variable* var = summand->Var(); local
394 Variable* var = dynamic_cast<Variable*>(varArchivable); local
H A DShell.cpp91 setenv(const char *var, const char *value, bool overwrite) argument
H A Dsmp.cpp1395 smp_cpu_rendezvous(uint32* var) argument
H A Dcommands.c1706 ep->welldefined = opt_welldefined(var); argument
1613 unsigned char *var; /* pointer to variable name */ member in struct:env_lst
1622 env_find(const unsigned char *var) argument
1681 env_define(const unsigned char *var, unsigned char *value) argument
1723 env_export(const unsigned char *var) argument
1732 env_unexport(const unsigned char *var) argument
1741 env_send(unsigned char *var) argument
1796 env_getvalue(const unsigned char *var) argument
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