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H A Dtest1.cpp22 uint32 start_time = B_NOW; local
H A DEngineManagment.c173 bigtime_t start_time; local
186 bigtime_t start_time, sample_time; local
H A Ddriver_wrapper.c31 bigtime_t start_time = system_time(); local
H A Dinternal_tv_out.c162 bigtime_t start_time; local
H A Dtheatre_out.c123 bigtime_t start_time; local
153 bigtime_t start_time; local
H A DCP.c127 bigtime_t start_time; local
383 bigtime_t start_time; local
H A Dmonitor_detection.c504 bigtime_t start_time; local
H A DSoundPlayer.h176 bigtime_t start_time; member in struct:BSoundPlayer::waiting_sound
H A DMediaDefs.h682 bigtime_t start_time; // performance time member in struct:media_header
839 bigtime_t start_time; // us from start of file member in struct:media_encode_info
H A DTransportStreamDemux.cpp91 TransportStreamDemux::ProcessPacket(const mpeg_ts_packet *pkt, bigtime_t start_time) argument
143 TransportStreamDemux::ProcessPCR(const mpeg_ts_packet *pkt, bigtime_t start_time) argument
393 TransportStreamDemux::ProcessData(const void *data, int size, bigtime_t start_time, bigtime_t delta) argument
H A DDVBMediaNode.cpp1763 bigtime_t start_time; local
1985 bigtime_t start_time; local
H A DProxyAudioSupplier.cpp44 bigtime_t start_time; member in struct:PlayingInterval
H A DController.cpp371 bigtime_t start_time = ts->Now() + 50000; local
H A DCP_setup.c127 bigtime_t start_time = system_time(); local
164 bigtime_t start_time = system_time(); local
184 bigtime_t start_time; local
H A DLogWriter.h55 bigtime_t start_time; // buffer's start time stamp member in struct:log_message::__anon2896::__anon2897
H A Deventlib.c482 struct timespec start_time; local
H A Ddebugger.h523 bigtime_t start_time; // time of syscall start member in struct:__anon46

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