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H A Dudis86.c257 ud_set_user_opaque_data(struct ud * u, void* opaque) argument
H A Dnfs.h82 char opaque[NFS_FHSIZE]; member in struct:nfs_fhandle
87 char opaque[NFS_COOKIESIZE]; member in struct:nfs_cookie
H A Deventlib.h44 typedef struct { void *opaque; } evConnID; member in struct:__anon1953
45 typedef struct { void *opaque; } evFileID; member in struct:__anon1954
46 typedef struct { void *opaque; } evStreamID; member in struct:__anon1955
47 typedef struct { void *opaque; } evTimerID; member in struct:__anon1956
48 typedef struct { void *opaque; } evWaitID; member in struct:__anon1957
49 typedef struct { void *opaque; } evContext; member in struct:__anon1958
50 typedef struct { void *opaque; } evEvent; member in struct:__anon1959
H A Deventlib.c612 evTimerID opaque; local
H A Dlibunwind-common.h97 unw_word_t opaque[UNW_TDEP_CURSOR_LEN]; member in struct:unw_cursor
H A DAccelerant.h259 void* opaque; /* optional pointer to engine */ member in struct:__anon21
273 char opaque[12]; /* 12 bytes of private storage */ member in struct:__anon23

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