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H A D_mutex.h20 } mutex; member in union:mtx::__anon1766
H A Dmutex.h51 mtx_lock(struct mtx* mutex) argument
67 mtx_trylock(struct mtx* mutex) argument
86 mtx_unlock(struct mtx* mutex) argument
102 mtx_initialized(struct mtx* mutex) argument
110 mtx_owned(struct mtx* mutex) argument
H A Dcondvar.c25 int cv_timedwait(struct cv* variable, struct mtx* mutex, int timeout) argument
37 void cv_wait(struct cv* variable, struct mtx* mutex) argument
H A Dsynch.c16 msleep(void* identifier, struct mtx* mutex, int priority, argument
H A Dmutex.c21 mtx_init(struct mtx *mutex, const char *name, const char *type, argument
50 mtx_destroy(struct mtx *mutex) argument
H A Dunit.cpp28 new_unrhdr(int low, int high, struct mtx* mutex) argument
H A Dcallout.cpp56 struct mtx *mutex = c->c_mtx; local
H A Dmutex.cpp[all...]
H A Dscsi_periph_int.h36 struct mutex mutex; member in struct:scsi_periph_device_info
H A Dpthread_cond.cpp60 cond_wait(pthread_cond_t* cond, pthread_mutex_t* mutex, bigtime_t timeout) argument
126 pthread_cond_timedwait(pthread_cond_t* cond, pthread_mutex_t* mutex, const struct timespec* tv) argument
H A Dpthread_mutex.cpp31 pthread_mutex_init(pthread_mutex_t* mutex, const pthread_mutexattr_t* _attr) argument
46 pthread_mutex_destroy(pthread_mutex_t* mutex) argument
53 __pthread_mutex_lock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex, bigtime_t timeout) argument
105 pthread_mutex_lock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex) argument
112 pthread_mutex_trylock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex) argument
119 pthread_mutex_timedlock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex, const struct timespec* tv) argument
141 pthread_mutex_unlock(pthread_mutex_t* mutex) argument
165 pthread_mutex_getprioceiling(const pthread_mutex_t* mutex, int* _prioCeiling) argument
178 pthread_mutex_setprioceiling(pthread_mutex_t* mutex, int prioCeiling, int* _oldCeiling) argument
H A Dpthread_rwlock.cpp96 int32_t mutex; member in struct:LocalRWLock
H A Dlock.cpp144 fssh_mutex_destroy(fssh_mutex *mutex) argument
158 fssh_mutex_lock(fssh_mutex *mutex) argument
176 fssh_mutex_unlock(fssh_mutex *mutex) argument
191 fssh_mutex_transfer_lock(fssh_mutex *mutex, fssh_thread_id thread) argument
H A Dlibc-lock.h38 typedef struct { pthread_mutex_t mutex; } __libc_lock_recursive_t; member in struct:__anon4
H A DKPathTest.cpp18 typedef void* mutex; typedef
H A Dlock.h21 typedef struct mutex { struct
33 } mutex; typedef in typeref:struct:mutex
H A Dlocked_pool.c51 struct mutex mutex; // to be used whenever some variable of the first member in struct:locked_pool
H A Dlocks.h14 typedef struct mutex { struct
18 } mutex; typedef in typeref:struct:mutex
H A Duser_mutex.cpp104 user_mutex_wait_locked(int32* mutex, addr_t physicalAddress, const char* name, argument
139 user_mutex_lock_locked(int32* mutex, addr_t physicalAddress, argument
172 user_mutex_unlock_locked(int32* mutex, addr_t physicalAddress, uint32 flags) argument
285 user_mutex_lock(int32* mutex, const char* name, uint32 flags, bigtime_t timeout) argument
359 _user_mutex_lock(int32* mutex, const char* name, uint32 flags, bigtime_t timeout) argument
375 _user_mutex_unlock(int32* mutex, uint32 flags) argument
H A Dtypes.h86 __haiku_std_int32 mutex; member in struct:_pthread_barrier
94 pthread_mutex_t* mutex; member in struct:_pthread_cond
108 __haiku_std_int32 mutex; member in struct:_pthread_rwlock::__anon1::__anon2
H A Dnbd.c49 #define mutex lock macro
H A Dscsi_internal.h99 struct mutex mutex; // used to synchronize changes in queueing and blocking member in struct:scsi_bus_info
H A Doce_if.h537 struct mtx mutex; member in struct:oce_lock
H A Dfssh_api_wrapper.h1014 #define mutex fssh_mutex macro

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