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H A Dframe_buffer_console.h21 addr_t frame_buffer; member in struct:frame_buffer_boot_info
H A Dvesa_private.h33 addr_t frame_buffer; member in struct:vesa_info
H A Dvesa_info.h34 uint8* frame_buffer; member in struct:vesa_shared_info
H A Dkernel_args.h78 } frame_buffer; member in struct:kernel_args
H A Dframe_buffer_console.cpp44 addr_t frame_buffer; member in struct:console_info
H A DGraphicsCard.h50 void* frame_buffer; member in struct:__anon158
H A DAccelerant.h124 void* frame_buffer; /* pointer to first byte of frame */ member in struct:__anon11
H A DparticlesII.cpp68 uint8* frame_buffer; member in class:NWindowScreen
H A Ddriver.c530 int frame_buffer = 1; local
H A Ddriver.c355 int frame_buffer = 0; local
H A Ddriver.c332 int frame_buffer = 0; local
H A Ddriver.c346 int frame_buffer = 0; local
H A Ddriver.c322 int frame_buffer = 0; local
579 int frame_buffer = 0; local
H A Dradeon_hd.h215 uint8* frame_buffer; // virtual memory mapped FB member in struct:radeon_shared_info
H A Dintel_extreme.h269 addr_t frame_buffer; member in struct:intel_shared_info

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