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H A DGameSoundDefs.h46 uint32 channel_count; // 1 or 2, mostly member in struct:gs_audio_format
H A DSamples.cpp44 Start( void* sampleData, int32 frames, int16 bytes_per_sample, int16 channel_count, double pitch, int32 loopStart, int32 loopEnd, double sampleVolume, double stereoPosition, int32 hook_arg, sample_loop_hook pLoopContinueProc, sample_exit_hook pDoneProc) argument
H A DRawDecoderPlugin.cpp44 AudioBufferSize(int32 channel_count, uint32 sample_format, float frame_rate, bigtime_t buffer_duration = 50000 /* 50 ms */) argument
H A Dau.h34 uint32 channel_count; // number of channels member in struct:snd_header
H A DMixerInput.cpp513 int channel_count; local
H A DAudioMixer.cpp254 uint32 channel_count = output ? output->MediaOutput().format.u.raw_audio.channel_count : 0; local
837 uint32 channel_count = *(uint32 *)&format->user_data[4]; local
H A Dmulti_audio_test.cpp64 channel_count() function
H A Dlala.h103 uint32 channel_count; member in struct:__anon1499
H A DChannelControl.cpp389 BChannelControl::SetChannelCount(int32 channel_count) argument
46 BChannelControl(BRect frame, const char* name, const char* label, BMessage* model, int32 channel_count, uint32 resizingMode, uint32 flags) argument
H A DSoundPlayNode.cpp347 uint32 channel_count = 0; local
H A Dsilicon_image_3112.c29 uint16 channel_count; member in struct:__anon514
66 int channel_count; // XXX only for interrupt workaround member in struct:controller_data
H A DMediaDefs.h276 uint32 channel_count; member in struct:media_raw_audio_format
289 uint32 channel_count; member in struct:media_audio_header
509 uint16 channel_count; member in struct:media_multistream_format::vid_info

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