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H A DResourceStrings.h50 bool _reserved1[3]; member in struct:BResourceStrings::_string_id_hash
H A DTimeSource.h71 int32 _reserved1; member in struct:BTimeSource::time_source_op_info
H A DMidiStore.h121 uint16 _reserved1[1]; member in class:BMidiStore
H A DWindowScreen.h98 bool _reserved1; member in class:BWindowScreen
H A Dgeneric_x86.cpp42 uint64 _reserved1 : 53; member in struct:mtrr_capabilities
H A Darch_mmu_amcc440.h57 uint32 _reserved1 : 1; member in struct:tlb_entry
H A Darch_mmu.h50 uint32 _reserved1 : 1; member in struct:block_address_translation
121 uint32 _reserved1 : 1; member in struct:page_table_entry
H A Ddescriptors.h47 uint32 _reserved1; member in struct:tss
H A Dapple.h52 int32 _reserved1; member in struct:apple_partition_map
H A Dlala.h49 uint32 _reserved1[16]; member in struct:__anon1494
112 uint32 _reserved1[32]; member in struct:__anon1499
H A Defi_gpt.h20 uint32 _reserved1; member in struct:efi_table_header
H A Dsignal.h39 unsigned short _reserved1; member in struct:old_extended_regs
H A Dvesa.h84 uint32 _reserved1; member in struct:vbe_mode_info
H A Dbuslogic.h54 uchar _reserved1; /* set to zero */ member in struct:_bl_ccb32
105 uchar _reserved1; member in struct:__anon1411
122 uchar _reserved1; member in struct:__anon1412
H A Diso9660_identify.cpp101 uint32 _reserved1[4]; member in struct:iso9660_volume_descriptor
H A Ddevices.cpp114 uint8 _reserved1 : 4; member in struct:device_table
H A Ddevices.cpp99 uint8 _reserved1 : 4; member in struct:device_table
H A Dhda_codec.cpp1505 uint32 _reserved1 : 8; member in struct:__anon10
H A Dradeon_hd.h313 uint32 _reserved1 : 1; member in struct:overlay_scale
377 uint32 _reserved1 : 10; member in struct:overlay_registers
482 uint32 _reserved1[3]; member in struct:hardware_status
H A Dscsi_cmds.h541 uint32 _reserved1; member in struct:scsi_cmd_unmap
553 uint32 _reserved1; member in struct:scsi_unmap_block_descriptor
559 uint32 _reserved1; member in struct:scsi_unmap_parameter_list
H A Dext2.h69 uint8 _reserved1; member in struct:ext2_super_block
H A DUdfStructures.h1282 uint8 _reserved1[2]; member in struct:sparable_partition_map
H A Dintel_extreme.h1001 uint32 _reserved1 : 1; member in struct:overlay_scale
1065 uint32 _reserved1 : 10; member in struct:overlay_registers
1180 uint32 _reserved1[3]; member in struct:hardware_status

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