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2caeb5fa 30-Oct-2019 Jérôme Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

dovecot: switch to https.

9fbe6afe 03-Aug-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

dovecot: code style.

fc0936b0 26-Jun-2017 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

Bump revisions for x86_64 rebuild after time_t change.

* a few apps needed build fix for time_t.
* disable compatibility packages for x86_64.

1ddc2421 29-Apr-2016 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

dovecot: bump version.

* enable x86_64, requires fix for #12737.

3874c03d 02-Jan-2016 Vale <valetolpegin@gmail.com>

Add recipe for dovecot