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f9c412d3 18-Aug-2019 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

dragonmemory, fix references to libSDL* (#4106)

88a0d4b0 18-Aug-2019 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

abe: fix reference to libSDL* (#4105)

32333767 25-Feb-2019 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

dragonmemory, fix recipe, disable build (#3648)

402ee968 24-Sep-2018 Jérôme Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

gcompris: update HOMEPAGE.

3189c701 18-Sep-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

tuxtype2: update HOMEPAGE.

29b8fe20 18-Sep-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

tuxmath: update HOMEPAGE.

9b2b4619 09-Aug-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

games-*: reorder sections.

c5f909a0 03-Aug-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

tuxtype2: code style.

4e948183 03-Aug-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

gcompris: code style.

00ebf274 03-Aug-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

dragonmemory: code style.

99cd92b5 29-May-2018 Jérôme Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

dragonmemory: update HOMEPAGE.

fc0936b0 26-Jun-2017 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

Bump revisions for x86_64 rebuild after time_t change.

* a few apps needed build fix for time_t.
* disable compatibility packages for x86_64.

a76a59cc 22-Apr-2017 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

TuxMath, bump version to the latest version (#1283)

0f731b93 22-Apr-2017 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

TuxType2, bump version (#1284)

2680d9a7 22-Apr-2017 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

gcompris: add recipe for Qt5 version 0.70.

* needs Qt5 OpenGL.

cba76fde 15-Aug-2016 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

tuxmath, new recipe for version 1.7.2 (#769)

cdee7851 06-Aug-2016 Humdinger <humdingerb@gmail.com>

TuxType2 added icon

* Took the keyboard prefs icon and coloured the keys black.
* Slightly improved SUMMARY and DESCRIPTION.

534a8bfa 06-Aug-2016 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

tuxtype, new recipe (#753)

0c1be5b9 24-May-2016 fbrosson <fbrosson@users.noreply.github.com>

pipepanic: move from games-kids to games-puzzle; minor changes. (#606)

* Move pipepanic from games-kids to games-puzzle to follow Gentoo.
* Put pipepanic.rdef in additional-files instead of the patch file.
* Call addResourcesToBinaries instead of rc and xres.
* Reorder sections, fix COPYRIGHT, enable x86_64, drop cmd:xres from
BUILD_REQUIRES, add cmd:{sdl_config,install,cut} to BUILD_PREREQ.
* Install README and do some polishing in BUILD and INSTALL.

aa76edbf 16-May-2016 waddlesplash <waddlesplash@gmail.com>

pipepanic: Fix primary ARCHITECTURES.

4cbdfb12 16-May-2016 Begasus <begasus@gmail.com>

pipepanic, no need for (#595)

e2159683 05-May-2016 Begasus <begasus@gmail.com>

abe, updated recipe, no fullscreen on startup

f8aeb533 26-Feb-2016 Vale <valetolpegin@gmail.com>

More ordering & layout fixes

4ceccd41 17-Feb-2016 Vale <valetolpegin@gmail.com>

Fix ordering

4634abef 03-Aug-2015 Augustin Cavalier <waddlesplash@gmail.com>

Trim extra newlines at end of file & trailing whitespace.

c74967bb 15-Jul-2015 Augustin Cavalier <waddlesplash@gmail.com>

Fix a lot of lint failures.

f561efbc 02-Jul-2015 Augustin Cavalier <waddlesplash@gmail.com>


77c146af 15-Jan-2015 Josef Gajdusek <atx@atx.name>

abe: Save game to B_USER_SETTINGS_DIRECTORY + fix crash on startup

a38db25c 12-Jan-2015 Humdinger <humdingerb@gmail.com>

Changes in SUMMARY, DESCRIPTION and whitespace.

Removed the full-stop and repeating package name in SUMMARY.
Removed hard line breaks, broke up some very long paragraphs and
use bullet lists where possible.
All done by browsing through HaikuDepot. There may be (many) more left
in the whole haikuports repo...

Included 10 extended desriptions done by soyoye14 for GCI 2014

Removed/insert whitespace where it seems to be the custom in recipes.
Sometimes rearranged elements of a recipe (moving license and copyright
up, for example).

d636a7ba 09-Jan-2015 Derek Tse <arrestrose@gmail.com>

Abe recipe. For some reason, the game itself crashes upon launch.

52b344b9 14-Dec-2014 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

Drop references to $haikuVersion.

* Referring the current haiku version explicitly is not needed, since
the RequiresUpdater takes care of setting the version of Haiku used
for building a package.

a5de2447 04-Dec-2014 Josef Gajdusek <atx@atx.name>

pipepanic: Save high score file to config/settings

The file was previously in ~.

38abc20a 20-Oct-2014 Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@gmail.com>

DragonMemory: actually fix path issues.

Previous patch was not complete.

964f871d 25-Sep-2014 Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@pulkomandy.tk>

Dragon Memory: fix recipe and port.

* There is still a problem with libGLU, and this ends up using only a
tiny part of the window at the bottom left.

Fixes #56

70161938 24-May-2014 Humdinger <humdingerb@gmail.com>

Capitalize name to "Pipepanic".

a5884080 22-Apr-2014 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

Fix syntax error by badly placed CHECKSUM_SHA256.

* The script I wrote to set the checksums was buggy - sorry about

80bbd70b 21-Apr-2014 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

Let all recipes use SHA-256 checksums only.

f31617b5 20-Apr-2014 Oliver Tappe <zooey@hirschkaefer.de>

Adjust many more recipes to support mirror site.

* Mostly added SRC_FILENAME where the automatic filename didn't
make any sense.

c177c116 07-Jan-2014 Humdinger <humdingerb@gmail.com>

Added simple icon and signature.

d7a0fd1a 02-Jan-2014 noryb009 <noryb009@hotmail.com>

Rewrap games-kids DESCRIPTIONs

0b4fe273 22-Dec-2013 Chris Roberts <cpr420@gmail.com>

Mark dragonmemory as broken

The game doesn't actually run. Apparently nobody bothered
to test the students work

f12c46eb 09-Dec-2013 MrPoxipol <michal.proszek@gmail.com>

Removed whitespaces in .patch file.

f4333c04 09-Dec-2013 MrPoxipol <michal.proszek@gmail.com>

Now the source is downloaded from official tarbal. Patch generated...

ad089cd6 09-Dec-2013 MrPoxipol <michal.proszek@gmail.com>

SRC_URI is now from official tarbal.

c5885a30 09-Dec-2013 MrPoxipol <michal.proszek@gmail.com>

2# Changes.

d914edb1 08-Dec-2013 MrPoxipol <michal.proszek@gmail.com>

Deleted line haiku_devel >=

a612fce7 08-Dec-2013 MrPoxipol <michal.proszek@gmail.com>

Corrected .recipe file

47ec6f10 08-Dec-2013 Yourself <user@shredder.pl>

Fixed pipepanic .recipe file.

c7c05bcb 08-Dec-2013 MrPoxipol <michal.proszek@gmail.com>

Added pipepanic game .recipe

1b30a49c 27-Nov-2013 Scott McCreary <scottmc2@gmail.com>

Added dragonmemory, recipe by 2013 GCI student Artur Jamro (Mrowqa)