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7ccb02c9 02-Nov-2019 Gerasim Troeglazov <3dEyes@gmail.com>

dhewm3: add recipe

58a85a58 31-Oct-2019 Gerasim Troeglazov <3dEyes@gmail.com>

GZDoom: bump version, add launcher

56ef411d 30-Oct-2019 Gerasim Troeglazov <3dEyes@gmail.com>

OpenJK:Jedi Outcast: remove libzlib from requires

63ee634e 29-Oct-2019 Sergei Reznikov <diver@gelios.net>

Yamagi Quake II: bump version

7700f8b8 29-Oct-2019 Gerasim Troeglazov <3dEyes@gmail.com>

OpenJK:Jedi Outcast: add recipe

39be1620 16-Oct-2019 kwyxz <kwyxz@kwyxz.org>

libretro: various cores update (#4301)

* 81_libretro: bumped to version 1.0a:20190917

* atari800_libretro: bumped to version 3.1.0:20190907

* bluemsx_libretro: bumped to version 2.9.0:20190902

* cap32_libretro: bumped to version 4.2.0:20190907

* fmsx_libretro: bumped to version 4.9:20190905

* fuse_libretro: bumped to version 1.1.1:20190729

* hatari_libretro: bumped to version 1.8:20190923

* nekop2_libretro: bumped to version 0.86:20190914

* mrboom_libretro: bumped to version 4.7:20190914

* dosbox_libretro: bumped to version 0.74:20190902

* fceumm_libretro: bumped to version 0.0.1:20190905

* flycast_libretro: bumped to version 0.1:20191016

* freeintv_libretro: bumped to version 20180214:20190905

* gambatte_libretro: bumped to version 0.5.0:20191010

* gearboy_libretro: bumped to version 2.5:20181103

* genesis_plus_gx_libretro: bumped to version 1.7.4:20190916

* gpsp_libretro: bumped to version 0.91:20190914

* gw_libretro: bumped to version 1.6.2:20190816

* handy_libretro: bumped to version 0.95:20190801

* mednafen_gba_libretro: bumped to version 0.9.36:20190911

* mednafen_lynx_libretro: bumped to version 0.9.32:20190911

* mednafen_ngp_libretro: bumped to version

* mednafen_pce_fast_libretro: bumped to version

* mednafen_pcfx_libretro: bumped to version

* mednafen_supergrafx_libretro: bumped to version

* mednafen_vb_libretro: bumped to version

* mednafen_wswan_libretro: bumped to version

* meteor_libretro: bumped to version 1.4:20190912

* o2em_libretro: bumped to version 1.18:20190914

* pcsx_rearmed_libretro: bumped to version r22:20191007

* picodrive_libretro: bumped to version 1.92:20190905

* vba_next_libretro: bumped to version 1.0.2:20190924

* vecx_libretro: bumped to version 1.2:20190817

* virtualjaguar_libretro: bumped to version 2.1.2:20190625

* 3dengine_libretro: bumped to version 1.0:20180406

* reminiscence_libretro: bumped to version 0.3.6:20190914

* scummvm_libretro: bumped to version 2.0.0:20191013

* tyrquake_libretro: bumped to version 0.62:20191013

* craft_libretro: bumped to version 1.0:20190626

* 2048_libretro: bumped to version 1.0:20190902

* gme_libretro: bumped to version 0.5.2:20190905

b4929ce6 17-Aug-2019 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

uhexen2, fix reference to libSDL* (#4104)

da2e32fd 10-Aug-2019 Schrijvers Luc <begasus@gmail.com>

eduke32, fix _x86 build, bump git checkout (#3964)

18d77f09 05-Dec-2018 miqlas <5569059+extrowerk@users.noreply.github.com>

GZDoom: bump version (#3437)

a0cb1617 03-Dec-2018 miqlas <5569059+extrowerk@users.noreply.github.com>

EDuke32: bump version (#3436)

6dccfd9f 03-Dec-2018 miqlas <5569059+extrowerk@users.noreply.github.com>

Chocolate-Doom: bump (#3435)

436ca5a1 15-Nov-2018 EXL <exlmotodev@gmail.com>

Gish, Xash3D, Serious Sam: Update git revisions (#3374)

* Gish: Bump launcher git revision

* Xash3D: Bump launcher git revision

* Serious Sam: Bump launcher git revision

d24f280d 03-Nov-2018 Nikolay <nikolay0054@gmail.com>

yamagi_quake2: fix find path (#3309)

79f140f9 01-Nov-2018 EXL <exlmotodev@gmail.com>

Serious Sam: Fix build for 32-bit Haiku (#3322)

9ddff957 01-Nov-2018 EXL <exlmotodev@gmail.com>

Serious Sam: bump git revision (#3320)

c58668bc 01-Nov-2018 EXL <exlmotodev@gmail.com>

Serious Sam: Add new recipe (#3314)

a9e66cf7 27-Oct-2018 Nikolay <nikolay0054@gmail.com>

yamagi_quake2: add game.so (#3279)

eae0ce36 12-Oct-2018 Sergei Reznikov <diver@gelios.net>

yamagi_quake2: add new recipe for version 7.30

528033dc 12-Oct-2018 Sergei Reznikov <diver@gelios.net>

GZDoom: switch to legacy version

e359dbe9 11-Oct-2018 Sergei Reznikov <diver@gelios.net>

GZDoom: new recipe for version 3.5.1

062a7bee 09-Oct-2018 Sergei Reznikov <diver@gelios.net>

OpenArena: enable build

9d7c6776 09-Oct-2018 Sergei Reznikov <diver@gelios.net>

OpenArena: bump commit, enable x86_64

c79192fa 11-Sep-2018 Gerasim Troeglazov <3dEyes@gmail.com>

uHexen2: remove secondaryArch. enable gcc2 build.

22f4bdad 10-Sep-2018 Gerasim Troeglazov <3dEyes@gmail.com>

uHexen2: add recipe for 1.5.9 version

0113e6f1 10-Sep-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

code style.

9b2b4619 09-Aug-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

games-*: reorder sections.

dedc2c63 06-Aug-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

code style.

9148550f 03-Aug-2018 Jerome Duval <jerome.duval@gmail.com>

quake3: code style.

d69348bd 14-Jun-2018 kwyxz <kwyxz@kwyxz.org>

tyrquake_libretro: a port of the Quake 1 engine to the libretro API (#2687)

3ba1fb3e 14-Jun-2018 kwyxz <kwyxz@kwyxz.org>

Quake3: move from games-action/quake3/ to games-fps/quake3/. (#2686)

2847149a 14-Jun-2018 kwyxz <kwyxz@kwyxz.org>

OpenArena: move from games-action/openarena/ to games-fps/openarena/.

0ef3d883 29-Apr-2018 miqlas <5569059+extrowerk@users.noreply.github.com>

eduke32: description fix

Closes https://github.com/haikuports/haikuports/issues/2486

b63d1a37 04-Mar-2018 miqlas <5569059+extrowerk@users.noreply.github.com>

eduke32: Bump (#2250)

* Bump

* Cleanup, license

* Rename license

3f1df3cf 14-Dec-2017 Michael Lotz <mmlr@mlotz.ch>

Update {lib|devel}:libsdl2_mixer requires to libsdl2_mixer_2.0.

93d83756 14-Dec-2017 Michael Lotz <mmlr@mlotz.ch>

Update {lib|devel}:libsdl2 to {lib|devel}:libsdl2_2.0.

The newest libsdl2 packages do not provide the unsuffixed lib anymore
as it doesn't actually exist in the package.

508467ec 03-Aug-2017 Sergei Reznikov <diver@gelios.net>

chocolate_doom: bump version

489e226d 02-Aug-2017 Chris Moore <chris@mooreonline.org>

chocolate-doom: Enable x86_64 after testing (#1553)

d246633d 05-Jun-2017 miqlas <miqlas@users.noreply.github.com>

Eduke32: new recipe (#1388)

f0b5b924 27-Feb-2017 Chris Moore <chris@mooreonline.org>

Chocolate doom: specify all bins and correct REQUIRES (#1191)

f8aeb533 26-Feb-2016 Vale <valetolpegin@gmail.com>

More ordering & layout fixes

4ceccd41 17-Feb-2016 Vale <valetolpegin@gmail.com>

Fix ordering

d416dad9 17-Dec-2015 MikoĊ‚aj 'lich' Halber <lich@openmailbox.org>

Chocolate Doom: Added recipe for 2.2.1