History log of /haiku/src/apps/haikudepot/server/AbstractServerProcess.cpp
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# 3369e03d 15-Dec-2018 Andrew Lindesay <apl@lindesay.co.nz>

HaikuDepot: Process and Data-loading Improvements

This change is a reshuffle of the backend processing involved in the
aquisition of data from servers including the pull-down and load of
HPKR data as well as the pull-down and load of data from the
HaikuDepotServer (HDS) system. The driver for this change is to
implement an initial implementation of a progress bar for the
loading of data as the application starts.

The following are notable changes;

* Removed some previously attempted 'functional style' logic in the
model which didn't fit well with C++
* Use of the base-url in the logical mapping from HDS and HD data is no
longer required and has been removed
* Some logging has been improved making it clearer which part of HD
is producing the logging which in turn helps with debugging issues
* List class has been modified to more cleanly support sorted lists
and binary searches; tests have also be updated accordingly
* Reorganise and tidy-up of the data-loading processes' structures
* The local repository update (HPKR) and data-load occur in background
processes now in the same system as the HDS data-load - this has been
crudely shifted from the MainWindow to new Processes and incorporated
into the background processing system
* The 'state-machine' background process runner is now replaced with a
'coordinator' style approach that can more easily handle the new
processes related to HPKR loading.
* Progress for loading processes is shown in the main window in the
WorkStatusView - this is flickering a bit, but basically works
* Added some documentation regarding how Processes work in the system
* The "Refresh Repositories" menu item now also updates data from HDS
* The "Refresh Repositories" menu item is disabled when the background
processes are running that update the repository data

Some further refinement would be good, but this change is large enough
for one round of improvements. There is an issue that the status bar
is used for screenshot display as well as this data-loading, but that
was the case before so it is something that can be dealt with later if
it is a problem.

Change-Id: I7668307645e3aabaf7e4a6e37e2cca80cc0f489e
Reviewed-on: https://review.haiku-os.org/770
Reviewed-by: waddlesplash <waddlesplash@gmail.com>

# 54312619 15-Feb-2018 Andrew Lindesay <apl@lindesay.co.nz>

HaikuDepot : 'Old Client' Handling

The server side has the ability to reject client
requests where the client is no longer supported
because it is presumably too old. This change
will inform the user when this happens and will
prevent the client from attempting further server
communications within this execution of the

# 29f98e1f 19-Dec-2017 Andrew Lindesay <apl@lindesay.co.nz>

HaikuDepot : More Backend Communications Improvements

Fixes for x86_64 build.

# 3094fef3 19-Dec-2017 Andrew Lindesay <apl@lindesay.co.nz>

HaikuDepot : More Backend Communications Improvements

* Further improves the logging and provides some
basic performance numbers.
* Moves the bulk-load logic out of the data-model
* Introduces a state-machine for the bulk-load
process so that it will be more easily able to be
shifted to non-blocking IO when the HTTP libraries
can do that.
* Implements concurrent loading of the bulk-data to
hopefully improve lead time for icons and meta-data.
* Loads data to a temporary file and then moves to the
final location in order to avoid partially written
data in the cache.
* Handles situations where no network is available;
prevents attempt to access the network.
* Allows bulk-load processes to be cancelled when the
application quits.
* Introduces command-line arguments to help simulate
scenarios to help with testing performance and
network absence.
* Implements ordered insert and binary search in the
'List' class + basic unit test.

# f69a80b4 15-Nov-2017 Andrew Lindesay <apl@lindesay.co.nz>

HaikuDepot: Handling Corrupted Download Data

Damage in latter portions of the downloaded package data can cause the
meta-data for the caching to load OK, but the actual data is unable to
be parsed. In this case, the application can fail to refresh the
broken data. This change will mean that the data is "moved aside" into
another file so that on the next run, the application will load fresh
data in place.

# f0665db4 05-Nov-2017 Andrew Lindesay <apl@lindesay.co.nz>

HaikuDepot: Improved logging control

The application had previously no means to control the verbosity of
logging. This excessive logging meant that it was bit hard to
understand what is going on. Now it is possible to define the level
of logging that is output; especially as the application pulls-down
data from the remote server system.

# 3d528c4a 03-Nov-2017 Andrew Lindesay <apl@lindesay.co.nz>

HaikuDepot: Change communication mechanism with server for repos

(last commit with same title only included new files - added those now)

Previously the desktop application would make a number of JSON-RPC calls
over HTTP to get the repositories. Now it will make a single call to get
the repositories and cache the result. This uses standard HTTP cache
signalling techniques and allows the server-side the ability to cache
the generated data as well. Note that the model classes and parse-
related classes are generated and may not be code-style compliant. They
are generated from JSON schema files in the server-side project.
Information about this as well as the python files used to generate the
C++ classes and headers are included in the server-side project.

# 19c15fec 27-Jan-2017 Andrew Lindesay <apl@lindesay.co.nz>

HaikuDepot: Improve icon download handling performance

Previously each icon would launch an independent HTTP request to
pull down the HVIF icon data. This change means that the data
will be pulled down in bulk across all packages as a .tgz and
will then be kept in a cache locally. The client-server logic
will use standard "If-Modified-Since" headers to check for
updates each time the HaikuDepot desktop application starts up.
This arrangement will bring down the HVIF as well as bitmap
icons and use the best representation it can.

Additionally, it is possible from a command-line option to log
HTTP traffic verbosely and it is also possible to use an "-h"
flag to display help on command-line arguments.

The code-structure around this change also anticipates some
future extensions to handle other client-server improvements.

Fixes #11804