History log of /haiku/src/apps/debugger/user_interface/gui/expression_eval_window/ExpressionEvaluationWindow.cpp
Revision Date Author Comments
# 10ba3348 30-Nov-2016 Rene Gollent <rene@gollent.com>

Debugger: Cleanup.

- Split MessageCodes.h into a second file that separates out the
application-specific message codes from those used by the core.
Adjust includes accordingly. No functional change.

# 6e97df31 28-Nov-2015 Rene Gollent <rene@gollent.com>

Debugger: Add team event handling to expression window.

- Add team listener hooks for the various thread state changes.
- Implement these to react accordingly and keep the thread/frame menus
up to date with running program changes, whether due to user interaction
in the main team window, or background activities of the debugged app.
Previously the evaluation window needed to be closed and reopened to
refresh these appropriately.

# 94acd925 01-Aug-2015 Rene Gollent <rene@gollent.com>

Debugger: Add dedicated expression evaluation window.
- Rather than dropping one-off expression evaluation results into the
current team's variables view, they will now be handled in a dedicated
window, which also allows to control the context in which the expression
is evaluated.