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# ff76d2df 10-Feb-2019 Adrien Destugues <pulkomandy@pulkomandy.tk>

sdhci and mmc implementation

- Add semaphore for interrupt management
- Add basic operations (setting clock, executing a command)
- Add early initialization (clocks and power up)
- Wrap the bus in a C++ class to ease usage
- Expose API to MMC bus manager
- TODO: manage card insertion and removal interrupts
- TODO: use MSI when available

- Implements SD card management independant of the way we access the bus
(later on different drivers can provide the same API as SDHCI)
- Worker thread to do the initialization
- Implement card initialization process up until getting an RCA from the
card. This is the generic part to assign an ID to the card, after this
point commands can be targetted at the specific card so it can be
handed over to the mmc_disk driver.
- TODO: initialization for non-SDHC cards which do not reply to CMD8.

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# 25b6a6f1 28-Apr-2018 krish_iyer <krishnaniyer97@gmail.com>


1. SDHCI PCI Bus: Discovering SDHC device from the PCI bus
and registers a child node(MMC bus) to which slots
are attached. SDHC registers are mapped by MMUIO,
they are binded in a structure(struct* registers).
A pin based interrupt handler is also installed,
which triggers the handler function and interrupts
are being taken care of. Added API's to set-up and
the clock for SD/MMC card, change frequency and
reset the registers.

2. Device Manager: Currently, busses subdir lists are har-
dcoded and in order to load the driver. We hard
coded the bus dir under PCI devices.

3. MMC Disk Driver: In order to register the slots under
/dev/disk/mmc and hence data transfer and other
operations can be done.

4. MMC Bus Manager: Setted up a bus manager to create an object
to do a particular for eg certain data transfer and
get freed until another operation is requested.

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