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# 331722 29-Mar-2018 eadler

Revert r330897:

This was intended to be a non-functional change. It wasn't. The commit
message was thus wrong. In addition it broke arm, and merged crypto
related code.

Revert with prejudice.

This revert skips files touched in r316370 since that commit was since
MFCed. This revert also skips files that require $FreeBSD$ property

Thank you to those who helped me get out of this mess including but not
limited to gonzo, kevans, rgrimes.

Requested by: gjb (re)

# 330897 14-Mar-2018 eadler

Partial merge of the SPDX changes

These changes are incomplete but are making it difficult
to determine what other changes can/should be merged.

No objections from: pfg

# 302408 07-Jul-2016 gjb

Copy head@r302406 to stable/11 as part of the 11.0-RELEASE cycle.
Prune svn:mergeinfo from the new branch, as nothing has been merged

Additional commits post-branch will follow.

Approved by: re (implicit)
Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation

# 300694 25-May-2016 ian

Include machine/acle-compat.h in cdefs.h on arm if the compiler doesn't
have ACLE support built in. The ACLE (ARM C Language Extensions) defines
a set of standardized symbols which indicate the architecture version and
features available. ACLE support is built in to modern compilers (both
clang and gcc), but absent from gcc prior to 4.4.

ARM (the company) provides the acle-compat.h header file to define the
right symbols for older versions of gcc. Basically, acle-compat.h does
for arm about the same thing cdefs.h does for freebsd: defines
standardized macros that work no matter which compiler you use. If ARM
hadn't provided this file we would have ended up with a big #ifdef __arm__
section in cdefs.h with our own compatibility shims.

Remove #include <machine/acle-compat.h> from the zillion other places (an
ever-growing list) that it appears. Since style(9) requires sys/types.h
or sys/param.h early in the include list, and both of those lead to
including cdefs.h, only a couple special cases still need to include
acle-compat.h directly.

Loves it: imp

# 291131 21-Nov-2015 andrew

Limit arm_base_bs_tag to ARMv4 and ARMv5, we only used it in one place in
armv6 and that can use fdtbus_bs_tag.

# 290648 10-Nov-2015 mmel

ARM: Remove trailing whitespace from sys/arm/include
No functional changes.

Approved by: kib (mentor)

# 277512 21-Jan-2015 ian

Micro-optimize the new arm inline bus_space implementation by grouping all
the data the inline functions access together at the start of the bus_space
struct. The start-of part isn't so important, it's the grouping-together
that's the point: now all the most-accessed data should be in one cache line.

Suggested by: cognet

# 277473 21-Jan-2015 ian

The versatile platform had two copies of a bus_space that are essentially
duplicates of the standard arm base bus_space, so just use it.

# 277470 21-Jan-2015 ian

Move bs_unimplemented() to bus_space_generic.c so it can be shared.

# 277460 20-Jan-2015 ian

Revise the arm bus_space implementation to avoid dereferencing the tag on
every operation to retrieve the bs_cookie value almost nothing actually uses.

The bus_space struct contains a private data pointer (poorly named bs_cookie,
now renamed to bs_privdata) which is used only by a few old armv4 xscale
implementations. The bus_space functions were all defined to take this
value as the first parameter instead of the bus_space_tag_t, requiring all
the inline macro and function expansions to dereference the tag to pass it
to another function, which never uses it. Now all the functions take the tag
as the first parameter and retrieve the privdata if they need it.

Also fix a couple bus_space_unmap() implementations that were calling
kva_free() instead of pmap_unmapdev().

Discussed with: cognet

# 277454 20-Jan-2015 ian

Add inline implementations of arm bus_space_read/write_N().

Reviewed by: cognet

# 248467 18-Mar-2013 ray

o Switch to use physical addresses in rman for FDT.
o Remove vtophys used to translate virtual address to physical in case rman carry virtual.

Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation

# 248407 17-Mar-2013 ian

Add a macro that gets the physical address of a memory mapped device
register from a bus space resource.

Note that this macro is just for ARM, and is intended to have a short
lifespan. The DMA engines in some SoCs need the physical address of a
memory-mapped device register as one of the arguments for the transfer.
Several scattered ad-hoc solutions have been converted to use this macro,
which now also serves to mark the places where a more complete fix needs
to be applied (after that fix has been designed).

# 216143 03-Dec-2010 brucec

Revert r216134. This checkin broke platforms where bus_space are macros:
they need to be a single statement, and do { } while (0) doesn't work in this
situation so revert until a solution can be devised.

# 216134 02-Dec-2010 brucec

Disallow passing in a count of zero bytes to the bus_space(9) functions.

Passing a count of zero on i386 and amd64 for [I386|AMD64]_BUS_SPACE_MEM
causes a crash/hang since the 'loop' instruction decrements the counter
before checking if it's zero.

PR: kern/80980
Discussed with: jhb

# 206404 08-Apr-2010 imp

Add BUS_SPACE_UNRESTRICTED and define it to be ~0, just like all the
other platforms.

# 203974 16-Feb-2010 imp

The NetBSD Foundation has granted permission to remove clauses 3 and 4.

Obtained from: NetBSD

# 164424 19-Nov-2006 sam

correct bus space unmap prototype

Reviewed by: cognet, imp
MFC after: 1 month

# 145253 18-Apr-2005 imp

Break out the definition of bus_space_{tag,handle}_t and a few other types
into _bus.h to help with name space polution from including all of bus.h.
In a few days, I'll commit changes to the MI code to take advantage of thse
sepration (after I've made sure that these changes don't break anything in
the main tree, I've tested in my trees, but you never know...).

Suggested by: bde (in 2002 or 2003 I think)
Reviewed in principle by: jhb

# 143598 14-Mar-2005 scottl

Refactor the bus_dma header files so that the interface is described in
sys/bus_dma.h instead of being copied in every single arch. This slightly
reorders a flag that was specific to AXP and thus changes the ABI there.
The interface still relies on bus_space definitions found in <machine/bus.h>
so it cannot be included on its own yet, but that will be fixed at a later
date. Add an MD <machine/bus_dma.h> for ever arch for consistency and to
allow for future MD augmentation of the API. sparc64 makes heavy use of
this right now due to its different bus_dma implemenation.

# 140312 15-Jan-2005 cognet

Add the prototype for bus_dmamap_load_mbuf_sg().

Spotted out by: scottl

# 139735 05-Jan-2005 imp

Start all license statements with /*-

# 135645 23-Sep-2004 cognet

Remove bus_space_vaddr(), it does not exists in FreeBSD.

# 130644 17-Jun-2004 cognet

Nuke bus_space_mmap(), as it does not exist in FreeBSD.

# 130585 16-Jun-2004 phk

Do the dreaded s/dev_t/struct cdev */
Bump __FreeBSD_version accordingly.

# 129198 14-May-2004 cognet

Import FreeBSD/arm kernel bits.
It only supports sa1110 (on simics) right now, but xscale support should come
Some of the initial work has been provided by :
Stephane Potvin <sepotvin at videotron.ca>
Most of this comes from NetBSD.