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# 331722 29-Mar-2018 eadler

Revert r330897:

This was intended to be a non-functional change. It wasn't. The commit
message was thus wrong. In addition it broke arm, and merged crypto
related code.

Revert with prejudice.

This revert skips files touched in r316370 since that commit was since
MFCed. This revert also skips files that require $FreeBSD$ property

Thank you to those who helped me get out of this mess including but not
limited to gonzo, kevans, rgrimes.

Requested by: gjb (re)

# 330897 14-Mar-2018 eadler

Partial merge of the SPDX changes

These changes are incomplete but are making it difficult
to determine what other changes can/should be merged.

No objections from: pfg

# 302408 07-Jul-2016 gjb

Copy head@r302406 to stable/11 as part of the 11.0-RELEASE cycle.
Prune svn:mergeinfo from the new branch, as nothing has been merged

Additional commits post-branch will follow.

Approved by: re (implicit)
Sponsored by: The FreeBSD Foundation

# 299768 14-May-2016 pfg

routed(8): use NULL instead of zero for pointers.

# 128073 09-Apr-2004 markm

Remove advertising clause from University of California Regent's license,
per letter dated July 22, 1999.

Approved by: core, imp

# 126250 25-Feb-2004 bms

Sync HEAD sources to vendor branch import of routed v2.27 from rhyolite.com.
Update <protocols/routed.h> for the MD5 changes requested in bin/35843.
Preserve local changes.

Education by: obrien, markm, pointy-stick
PR: bin/35843 (and doubtless others)

# 90868 18-Feb-2002 mike

o Move NTOHL() and associated macros into <sys/param.h>. These are
deprecated in favor of the POSIX-defined lowercase variants.
o Change all occurrences of NTOHL() and associated marcros in the
source tree to use the lowercase function variants.
o Add missing license bits to sparc64's <machine/endian.h>.
Approved by: jake
o Clean up <machine/endian.h> files.
o Remove unused __uint16_swap_uint32() from i386's <machine/endian.h>.
o Remove prototypes for non-existent bswapXX() functions.
o Include <machine/endian.h> in <arpa/inet.h> to define the
POSIX-required ntohl() family of functions.
o Do similar things to expose the ntohl() family in libstand, <netinet/in.h>,
and <sys/param.h>.
o Prepend underscores to the ntohl() family to help deal with
complexities associated with having MD (asm and inline) versions, and
having to prevent exposure of these functions in other headers that
happen to make use of endian-specific defines.
o Create weak aliases to the canonical function name to help deal with
third-party software forgetting to include an appropriate header.
o Remove some now unneeded pollution from <sys/types.h>.
o Add missing <arpa/inet.h> includes in userland.

Tested on: alpha, i386
Reviewed by: bde, jake, tmm

# 64526 11-Aug-2000 sheldonh

(null commit)

Reflect that the update to routed-2.22 addresses a problem discussed
in PR bin/16941. The updated release also incorporates our local
buffer overflow fix (implemented differently) and puts us in a
position where we are completely synchronized with the master
distribution, apart from the stupid spammage of the #ident
definitions, which are supposed to indicate the release version,
not individual source file revisions.

This distribution was not moved into contrib because of objections
from wollman. He feels that the software is original Berkeley
code that shouldn't be imported into contrib just because it
has an external maintainer.

# 50476 27-Aug-1999 peter

$Id$ -> $FreeBSD$

# 46524 05-May-1999 markm

Incomplete. Back out until I can revisit.

# 46489 05-May-1999 markm

Restore perror --> err changes.

# 46303 02-May-1999 markm

Merge-o-matic and add a bunch of $Id's

# 37908 28-Jul-1998 charnier

Spelling, add rcsid, remove unused #includes.
Convert 1000000 usec to 1 sec 0 usec.
Use provided safe malloc (rtmalloc()) instead of malloc(): exit on allocation
Correct use of .Nm
Add usage() and use errx().

# 37815 22-Jul-1998 phk

/usr/src/sbin/routed/parms.c and .../routed/rtquery/rtquery.c both
contain code that compare a char pointer with a char. As this
doesn't make much sense, it looks very much as if a '*' has been
dropped by mistake. I have made no analysis of the possible
consequences of the problem.

PR: 7319
Reviewed by: phk
Submitted by: Anders Thulin <Anders.X.Thulin@telia.se>

# 32502 14-Jan-1998 charnier

Use err(3). Change exit(-1). Remove unused #include.

# 26724 18-Jun-1997 charnier

Sync man page and usage string.

# 24359 29-Mar-1997 imp

compare return value from getopt against -1 rather than EOF, per the final
posix standard on the topic.

# 20609 17-Dec-1996 wollman

Merge from vendor branch.

# 20342 11-Dec-1996 wollman

Merge from vendor branch.

# 19885 19-Nov-1996 wollman

Merge from vendor branch and use system MD5 library.

# 19881 19-Nov-1996 wollman

This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate for changes in r19880,
which included commits to RCS files with non-trunk default branches.

# 19880 19-Nov-1996 wollman

Latest version of SGI routed courtesy of Vern Schryver. This version
adds the capability to use MD5 authentication as defined in the latest

Submitted by: Vernon J. Schryver <vjs@mica.denver.sgi.com>

# 18316 16-Sep-1996 wollman

Virgin import of new BSD/SGI routed. This update contains a number
of important bug fixes.

Obtained from: Vernon J. Schryver <vjs@mica.denver.sgi.com>