3338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold# configure [ <options> ]
5022fa244SIngo Weinhold# usage
6022fa244SIngo Weinhold#
7022fa244SIngo Weinhold# Prints usage.
8022fa244SIngo Weinhold#
9022fa244SIngo Weinholdusage()
10022fa244SIngo Weinhold{
11022fa244SIngo Weinhold	cat << EOF
12022fa244SIngo Weinhold
13022fa244SIngo WeinholdUsage: $0 <options>
14022fa244SIngo Weinholdoptions:
15825700d3SAugustin Cavalier  --help                      Prints out this help.
16825700d3SAugustin Cavalier  --update                    Re-runs last configure invocation [must be given
17825700d3SAugustin Cavalier                              as first option!]
18e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold  --bootstrap <haikuporter> <HaikuPorts cross repo> <HaikuPorts repo>
19e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              Prepare for a bootstrap build. No pre-built
20e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              packages will be used, instead they will be built
21e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              from the sources (in several phases).
22e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              <haikuporter> is the path to the haikuporter tool
23e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              suitable for the host platform.
24e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              <HaikuPorts cross repo> is the path to a checked
25e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              out HaikuPorts cross-compilation repository.
26e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              <HaikuPorts repo> is the path to a checked out
27e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold                              HaikuPorts repository.
28c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold  --build-cross-tools <arch> [ <build tools dir> ]
29338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold                              Assume cross compilation. <build tools dir>
30338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold                              defines the location of the build tools sources.
31338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold                              They will be compiled and placed in the output
32a5b60fa8SOliver Tappe                              directory under "cross-tools". The HAIKU_* tools
33a5b60fa8SOliver Tappe                              variables will be set accordingly.
3420ab75e6SIngo Weinhold                              <arch> specifies the target architecture, either
355bd0fbd1SAlexander von Gluck IV                              "x86_gcc2", "x86", "x86_64", "ppc", "m68k",
365bd0fbd1SAlexander von Gluck IV                              "arm", "arm64", "riscv32", "riscv64"
37c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              This option and --cross-tools-prefix can be
38c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              specified multiple times. The first cross tools
39c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              specify the primary tools, the subsequent ones the
40c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              secondary tools (for "hybrid" images).
41c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              For the first --build-cross-tools the
42c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              <build tools dir> argument must be specified and
43c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              for the subsequent ones it must be omitted.
44eccc7665SIngo Weinhold  --cross-tools-prefix <prefix>
45eccc7665SIngo Weinhold                              Assume cross compilation. <prefix> should be a
46eccc7665SIngo Weinhold                              path to the directory where the cross
47eccc7665SIngo Weinhold                              compilation tools are located, plus the platform
480da9c208SIngo Weinhold                              prefix, e.g. "/path/to/tools/i586-pc-haiku-".
49eccc7665SIngo Weinhold                              This overrides the HAIKU_* tool variables.
50a66c32ddSIngo Weinhold  --distro-compatibility <level>
51a66c32ddSIngo Weinhold                              The distribution's level of compatibility with
52a66c32ddSIngo Weinhold                              the official Haiku distribution. The generated
53a66c32ddSIngo Weinhold                              files will contain the respective trademarks
54a66c32ddSIngo Weinhold                              accordingly.
55a66c32ddSIngo Weinhold                              official -- the official Haiku distribution.
56a66c32ddSIngo Weinhold                              compatible -- a Haiku Compatible (tm) distro.
57a66c32ddSIngo Weinhold                              default -- any other distro (default value).
582ebcd86dSIngo Weinhold  --host-only                 Configure for building tools for the build host
592ebcd86dSIngo Weinhold                              only. Haiku cannot be built when configured like
602ebcd86dSIngo Weinhold                              this.
6176fa0be3SIngo Weinhold  --include-sources           Includes the source code of projects that require
6276fa0be3SIngo Weinhold                              either an offer of source code or a copy of the
6376fa0be3SIngo Weinhold                              patched sources. This is preferable when
6476fa0be3SIngo Weinhold                              distributing on physical mediums.
651974210fSFrançois Revol  --include-3rdparty          Include 3rdparty/ in the build system.
664880ae01SJessica Hamilton  -j<n>                       Only relevant for --build-cross-tools. Is passed
674880ae01SJessica Hamilton                              on to the make building the build tools.
68aa2e5ecaSOliver Tappe  --no-downloads              Do not download anything. Useful when trying to
69aa2e5ecaSOliver Tappe                              bootstrap and build Haiku from source only.
70483b28e4SIngo Weinhold  --target-arch <arch>        Haiku only: Specify the target architecture to
71483b28e4SIngo Weinhold                              build for. Must be one of the architectures of the
72483b28e4SIngo Weinhold                              host system. The installed build tools for that
73483b28e4SIngo Weinhold                              architecture will be used.
74483b28e4SIngo Weinhold                              This option can be specified multiple times. The
75483b28e4SIngo Weinhold                              first occurrence specifies the primary
76483b28e4SIngo Weinhold                              architecture of the Haiku to build, subsequent
77483b28e4SIngo Weinhold                              ones the secondary architectures.
78d73993ffSAugustin Cavalier  --use-clang <arch>          Build with host Clang instead of GCC cross
79d73993ffSAugustin Cavalier                              compiler, targeting <arch>
80eccc7665SIngo Weinhold  --use-gcc-pipe              Build with GCC option -pipe. Speeds up the build
815a34a443SFrançois Revol                              process, but uses more memory.
82ed38d2efSJerome Duval  --use-gcc-graphite          Build with GCC Graphite engine for loop
83a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier                              optimizations. (Only for GCC 4+.)
840385b065SIngo Weinhold  --use-32bit                 Use -m32 flag on 64bit host gcc compiler.
85fc2c93fbSAugustin Cavalier  --no-full-xattr             Do not use Linux/*BSD/Darwin's native extended file
86fc2c93fbSAugustin Cavalier                              attributes as Haiku attributes. If they are still
87fc2c93fbSAugustin Cavalier                              available, they will be used to store hashes for
88fc2c93fbSAugustin Cavalier                              the attribute emulation layer.
89fc2c93fbSAugustin Cavalier  --no-xattr                  Do not use Linux/*BSD/Darwin's native extended file
90fc2c93fbSAugustin Cavalier                              attributes for Haiku extended attributes at all,
91fc2c93fbSAugustin Cavalier                              even if they are available.
924da6cf84SFrançois Revol  --with-gdb <gdb sources dir>
934da6cf84SFrançois Revol                              specify the path to a GDB source dir, to build
944da6cf84SFrançois Revol                              GDB for each arch we build the cross-tools for.
95338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold
96338b8dc3SIngo Weinholdenvironment variables:
9763701e7dSOliver Tappe  CC                          The host compiler. Defaults to "gcc".
9865706842SAugustin Cavalier  HAIKU_AR_<arch>             The static library archiver for <arch>.
99c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              Defaults to "ar".
10065706842SAugustin Cavalier  HAIKU_CC_<arch>             The compiler for <arch>. Defaults to "gcc".
10165706842SAugustin Cavalier  HAIKU_LD_<arch>             The <arch> linker. Defaults to "ld".
10265706842SAugustin Cavalier  HAIKU_OBJCOPY_<arch>        The <arch> objcopy to be used. Defaults to
103c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              "objcopy".
10465706842SAugustin Cavalier  HAIKU_RANLIB_<arch>         The static library indexer for <arch>. Defaults
105c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              to "ranlib".
10665706842SAugustin Cavalier  HAIKU_STRIP_<arch>          The <arch> strip command. Defaults to "strip".
107a04a520bSJonathan Schleifer  HAIKU_NASM                  The nasm assembler (x86 and x86_64 only).
108c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold  HAIKU_CPPFLAGS_<arch>       The preprocessor flags for target architecture
109c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              <arch>. Defaults to "".
110c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold  HAIKU_CCFLAGS_<arch>        The C flags for target architecture <arch>.
111c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              Defaults to "".
112c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold  HAIKU_CXXFLAGS_<arch>       The C++ flags for target architecture <arch>.
113c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              Defaults to "".
114252e4f62SAugustin Cavalier  HAIKU_LINKFLAGS_<arch>      The flags passed to the compiler when linking for
115252e4f62SAugustin Cavalier                              target architecture <arch>. Defaults to "".
116c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold  HAIKU_LDFLAGS_<arch>        The linker flags for target architecture <arch>.
117c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              Defaults to "".
118c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold  HAIKU_ARFLAGS_<arch>        The flags passed to HAIKU_AR for target
119c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              architecture <arch> for archiving. Defaults to
120c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              "cru".
121c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold  HAIKU_UNARFLAGS_<arch>      The flags passed to HAIKU_AR for target
122c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              architecture <arch> for unarchiving. Defaults to
123c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold                              "x".
124c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
125c0e8cc1aSIngo WeinholdNon-default output directories:
1265abd9a46SIngo Weinhold  By default all objects, build configuration, and other related files are
12764f6da31SIngo Weinhold  stored in /path/to/haiku_source/generated.  To store objects in a non-default
1285abd9a46SIngo Weinhold  location, run "../../relative/path/to/haiku_source/configure <options>" from
1295abd9a46SIngo Weinhold  within your non-default location.  "jam [ options ] targets" can then be run
1305abd9a46SIngo Weinhold  directly inside your non-default location.  Another option is to invoke "jam
1315abd9a46SIngo Weinhold  [ options ] targets" from within haiku_source.  This can be accomplished by
1325abd9a46SIngo Weinhold  either "export HAIKU_OUTPUT_DIR=your non-default location" before invoking
1335abd9a46SIngo Weinhold  jam or by creating a symlink of haiku_source/generated pointing to your
13464f6da31SIngo Weinhold  non-default location and running jam.
13564f6da31SIngo Weinhold
13664f6da31SIngo Weinhold
137022fa244SIngo WeinholdEOF
138022fa244SIngo Weinhold}
139022fa244SIngo Weinhold
140022fa244SIngo Weinhold# assertparam
141022fa244SIngo Weinhold#
142022fa244SIngo Weinhold# Checks whether at least one parameter is left.
143022fa244SIngo Weinhold#
144022fa244SIngo Weinholdassertparam()
145022fa244SIngo Weinhold{
14620ab75e6SIngo Weinhold	if [ $2 -lt 2 ]; then
147022fa244SIngo Weinhold		echo $0: \`$1\': Parameter expected.
148022fa244SIngo Weinhold		exit 1
149022fa244SIngo Weinhold	fi
150022fa244SIngo Weinhold}
151022fa244SIngo Weinhold
15220ab75e6SIngo Weinhold# assertparams
15320ab75e6SIngo Weinhold#
15420ab75e6SIngo Weinhold# Checks whether at least a certain number of parameters is left.
15520ab75e6SIngo Weinhold#
15620ab75e6SIngo Weinholdassertparams()
15720ab75e6SIngo Weinhold{
15820ab75e6SIngo Weinhold	if [ $3 -le $2 ]; then
15920ab75e6SIngo Weinhold		echo $0: \`$1\': Not enough parameters.
16020ab75e6SIngo Weinhold		exit 1
16120ab75e6SIngo Weinhold	fi
16220ab75e6SIngo Weinhold}
16320ab75e6SIngo Weinhold
164e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold# absolute_path
165e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold#
166e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold# returns the absolute path of a given path.
167e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold#
168e173a1ecSIngo Weinholdabsolute_path()
169e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold{
1706a4f3954SFrançois Revol	if [ "x$1" != "x${1#/}" ]; then
171e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold		echo "$1"
172e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold	else
173e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold		echo "`pwd`/$1"
174e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold	fi
175e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold}
176e173a1ecSIngo Weinhold
17739d444a3SArvind S Raj# check_dir_exists
17839d444a3SArvind S Raj#
17939d444a3SArvind S Raj# check if a directory exists or not
18039d444a3SArvind S Raj#
18139d444a3SArvind S Rajcheck_dir_exists()
18239d444a3SArvind S Raj{
18339d444a3SArvind S Raj	if [ -d "$1" ]; then
18439d444a3SArvind S Raj		return 0
18539d444a3SArvind S Raj	else
18639d444a3SArvind S Raj		return 1
18739d444a3SArvind S Raj	fi
18839d444a3SArvind S Raj}
18939d444a3SArvind S Raj
190502882dbSJessica Hamilton# check_file_exists
191502882dbSJessica Hamilton#
192502882dbSJessica Hamilton# check if a file exists or not
193502882dbSJessica Hamilton#
194502882dbSJessica Hamiltoncheck_file_exists()
195502882dbSJessica Hamilton{
196502882dbSJessica Hamilton	if [ -f "$1" ]; then
197502882dbSJessica Hamilton		return 0
198502882dbSJessica Hamilton	else
199502882dbSJessica Hamilton		return 1
200502882dbSJessica Hamilton	fi
201502882dbSJessica Hamilton}
202502882dbSJessica Hamilton
2039a001156SOliver Tappe# real_path
2049a001156SOliver Tappe#
2059a001156SOliver Tappe# returns the realpath of a symbolic link.
2069a001156SOliver Tappe#
2079a001156SOliver Tappereal_path()
2089a001156SOliver Tappe{
2099a001156SOliver Tappe	perl -MCwd=realpath -e'print realpath($ARGV[0]), "\n"' "$1"
2109a001156SOliver Tappe}
2119a001156SOliver Tappe
2123facc270SAugustin Cavalier# relative_to
2133facc270SAugustin Cavalier#
2143facc270SAugustin Cavalier# returns $1 relative to $2
2153facc270SAugustin Cavalier#
2163facc270SAugustin Cavalierrelative_to()
2173facc270SAugustin Cavalier{
2183facc270SAugustin Cavalier	perl -e 'use File::Spec; print File::Spec->abs2rel(@ARGV) . "\n"' \
2193facc270SAugustin Cavalier		$1 $2
2203facc270SAugustin Cavalier}
2213facc270SAugustin Cavalier
222e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV# valid_toolchain
223e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV#
2241f839e89Swaddlesplash# check if a toolchain is valid
225e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV#
226e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IVvalid_toolchain()
227e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV{
228e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV	TRIPLET="$1"
229e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV	BASE="$2"
2301f839e89Swaddlesplash	SOURCE="$3"
231e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV	if [ ! -d "$BASE" ]; then
2321f839e89Swaddlesplash		return 1
233e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV	fi
234e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV	if [ -f "$BASE/bin/$TRIPLET-gcc" ]; then
2351f839e89Swaddlesplash		[ "$BASE/bin/$TRIPLET-gcc" -nt "$SOURCE/legacy/gcc/configure" ] && \
2361f839e89Swaddlesplash			[ "$BASE/bin/$TRIPLET-gcc" -nt "$SOURCE/gcc/gcc/configure" ]
2371f839e89Swaddlesplash		return $?
238e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV	fi
2391f839e89Swaddlesplash	return 1
240e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV}
241e5d446fcSAlexander von Gluck IV
24209c5682dSIngo Weinhold# standard_gcc_settings
24309c5682dSIngo Weinhold#
24409c5682dSIngo Weinhold# Sets the variables for a GCC platform.
24509c5682dSIngo Weinhold#
24609c5682dSIngo Weinholdstandard_gcc_settings()
24709c5682dSIngo Weinhold{
24865706842SAugustin Cavalier	local gcc="$1"
249c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
250138f5fb4SIngo Weinhold	if which greadlink > /dev/null 2>&1; then
251b29b48b1SMatt Madia		readlink="greadlink -e"
252138f5fb4SIngo Weinhold	elif which realpath > /dev/null 2>&1; then
253b29b48b1SMatt Madia		readlink=realpath
2549a001156SOliver Tappe	elif readlink -e / > /dev/null 2>&1; then
255b29b48b1SMatt Madia		readlink="readlink -e"
2569a001156SOliver Tappe	else
2579a001156SOliver Tappe		readlink=real_path
258b4b6d83cSMatt Madia	fi
259138f5fb4SIngo Weinhold
26009c5682dSIngo Weinhold	# PLATFORM_LINKLIBS
261c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	local gcclib=`$gcc -print-libgcc-file-name`
262c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	local gccdir=`dirname ${gcclib}`
2635b0f7b1bSOliver Tappe
264c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	local gccRawVersion=`$gcc -dumpversion`
265c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	local gccMachine=`$gcc -dumpmachine`
2660385b065SIngo Weinhold
267fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold	# determine architecture from machine triple
268c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	case $gccMachine in
269c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		arm-*)		targetCpu=arm;;
270fb4cc984SAugustin Cavalier		arm64-*)	targetCpu=arm64;;
271c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		i?86-*)		targetCpu=x86;;
272c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		m68k-*)		targetCpu=m68k;;
273c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		powerpc-*)	targetCpu=ppc;;
2745bd0fbd1SAlexander von Gluck IV		riscv32-*)	targetCpu=riscv32;;
2755bd0fbd1SAlexander von Gluck IV		riscv64-*)	targetCpu=riscv64;;
276c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		x86_64-*)	targetCpu=x86_64;;
277fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold		*)
278c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold			echo "Unsupported gcc target machine: $gccMachine" >&2
279fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold			exit 1
280fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold			;;
281fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold	esac
282fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold
283c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	local targetArch=$targetCpu
284fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold
285c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	case $gccRawVersion in
2866cc8eecfSOliver Tappe		2.9*)
2875b0f7b1bSOliver Tappe			# check for correct (most up-to-date) legacy compiler and complain
2885b0f7b1bSOliver Tappe			# if an older one is installed
289c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold			if [ $gccRawVersion != $haikuRequiredLegacyGCCVersion ]; then
2905b0f7b1bSOliver Tappe				echo "GCC version $haikuRequiredLegacyGCCVersion is required!";
2915b0f7b1bSOliver Tappe				echo "Please download it from www.haiku-os.org...";
2925b0f7b1bSOliver Tappe				exit 1;
2935b0f7b1bSOliver Tappe			fi
294aaeadfcbSAlex Smith
295c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold			targetArch=x86_gcc2
296fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold			;;
2978b5934c9SIngo Weinhold	esac
29865ad1ba3SAlex Smith
299c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	local bootLibgcc
300c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	local bootLibSupCxx
30166a7f29fSJérôme Duval	local bootCxxHeaders
302c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	case $gccMachine in
3034591ebc9SAlex Smith		x86_64-*)
30466a7f29fSJérôme Duval			# Boot loader is 32-bit, need the 32-bit libs and c++ config
30511ae3c5fSOliver Tappe			bootLibgcc=`$gcc -m32 -print-file-name=libgcc.a`
306c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold			bootLibSupCxx=`$gcc -m32 -print-file-name=libsupc++.a`
30766a7f29fSJérôme Duval
30866a7f29fSJérôme Duval			local headersBase=$gccdir/../../../..
30966a7f29fSJérôme Duval			local headers=$headersBase/$gccMachine/include/c++/$gccRawVersion
31066a7f29fSJérôme Duval			if [ ! -d $headers ]; then
31166a7f29fSJérôme Duval				headers=$headersBase/include/c++/$gccRawVersion
31266a7f29fSJérôme Duval			fi
31366a7f29fSJérôme Duval			bootCxxHeaders="$headers/$gccMachine/32"
314fc8967f1SIngo Weinhold			;;
3158b5934c9SIngo Weinhold	esac
316c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
317c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	# determine whether graphite loop optimization should/can be used
318c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	local useGraphite=`get_variable HAIKU_USE_GCC_GRAPHITE_$targetCpu`
319c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	if [ -z "$useGraphite" ]; then
320c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		useGraphite=$useGccGraphiteDefault
321c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	fi
322c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
323c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	if [ "$useGraphite" != 0 ]; then
324c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		UNUSED=`echo "int main() {}" | $gcc -xc -c -floop-block - 2>&1`
325c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		if [ $? != 0 ]; then
326c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold			echo "GCC Graphite loop optimizations cannot be used on $targetArch"
327c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold			useGraphite=0
328c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold		fi
329c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	fi
330c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
331c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	set_variable HAIKU_CPU_$targetArch $targetCpu
332c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
333c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	get_build_tool_path CC_$targetArch "$gcc"
334a7bddff1SJonathan Schleifer	set_variable HAIKU_CC_IS_CLANG_$targetArch $useClang
335c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	set_variable HAIKU_GCC_RAW_VERSION_$targetArch $gccRawVersion
336c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	set_variable HAIKU_GCC_MACHINE_$targetArch $gccMachine
337c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	set_variable HAIKU_GCC_LIB_DIR_$targetArch $gccdir
33811ae3c5fSOliver Tappe	set_variable HAIKU_BOOT_CXX_HEADERS_DIR_$targetArch "$bootCxxHeaders"
339c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	set_variable HAIKU_BOOT_LIBSUPCXX_$targetArch "$bootLibSupCxx"
340c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	set_variable HAIKU_BOOT_LIBGCC_$targetArch $bootLibgcc
341c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	set_variable HAIKU_USE_GCC_GRAPHITE_$targetArch $useGraphite
342c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
343c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	standard_gcc_settings_targetArch=$targetArch
344c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold}
345c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
346c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold# set_variable
347c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold#
348c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold# Set the value of a variable.
349c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold#
350c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinholdset_variable()
351c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold{
352c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	eval "$1=\"$2\""
353c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold}
354c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold
355c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold# get_variable
356c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold#
357c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold# Echo the value of a variable.
358c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold#
359c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinholdget_variable()
360c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold{
361c0e8cc1aSIngo Weinhold	eval "echo \${$1}"
362338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold}
363338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold
364338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold# set_default_value
365338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold#
366338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold# Set the value for a variable, if no value is set yet.
367338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold#
368338b8dc3SIngo Weinholdset_default_value()
369338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold{
3700838a930SJérôme Duval	eval "$1=\${$1-$2}"
371338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold}
372338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold
373338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold# get_build_tool_path
374338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold#
375338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold# Gets a usable absolute path of a build tool.
376338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold#
377338b8dc3SIngo Weinholdget_build_tool_path()
378338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold{
379338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold	local var="HAIKU_$1"
38065706842SAugustin Cavalier	local varval="`get_variable $var`"
38165706842SAugustin Cavalier	local cmd="$2"
382d73993ffSAugustin Cavalier
383e042a53bSAugustin Cavalier	if [ ! -z "$varval" ]; then
384d73993ffSAugustin Cavalier		# this variable is already set (probably by user) so grab its contents
385e042a53bSAugustin Cavalier		cmd=$varval
386d73993ffSAugustin Cavalier	fi
387d73993ffSAugustin Cavalier
388d73993ffSAugustin Cavalier	local path=${cmd%% *}
3890385b065SIngo Weinhold
390338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold	if [ -f "$path" ]; then
39165706842SAugustin Cavalier		# get absolute path from relative path
392a559f87aSFrançois Revol		local oldPwd="`pwd`"
393a559f87aSFrançois Revol		cd "`dirname "$path"`"
394a559f87aSFrançois Revol		path="`pwd`/`basename "$path"`"
395338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold		cd $oldPwd
396338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold	else
3977fe2e06cSMatt Madia		which "$path" > /dev/null 2>&1 || {
398d73993ffSAugustin Cavalier			echo "Build tool \"$path\" not found (maybe specify it in $var?)" >&2
399338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold			exit 1
400338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold		}
401b45cb282SAxel Dörfler	fi
4020385b065SIngo Weinhold
40365706842SAugustin Cavalier	if test "${cmd#* }" != "$cmd"; then
40465706842SAugustin Cavalier		# $cmd contains arguments, so preserve them (and only them)
40565706842SAugustin Cavalier		cmd=${cmd#* }
40665706842SAugustin Cavalier	else
40765706842SAugustin Cavalier		# $cmd does not contain arguments, so unset it
40865706842SAugustin Cavalier		cmd=
40965706842SAugustin Cavalier	fi
41065706842SAugustin Cavalier	eval "$var=\"$path $cmd\""
41109c5682dSIngo Weinhold}
41209c5682dSIngo Weinhold
413a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier# check_native_xattrs
414a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier#
415a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier# Checks the host platform's support for extended attributes.
416a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier# 0: no support, 1: only enough for xattr-ref, 2: full support
417a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier#
418a5c952dbSAugustin Cavaliercheck_native_xattrs()
419a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier{
420a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	local xattr_set=
421a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	local xattr_set_args=
422a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	local xattr_get=
423a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	local xattr_get_args=
424a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	case $HOST_PLATFORM in
425503ef6d4SAugustin Cavalier		haiku_host)
426503ef6d4SAugustin Cavalier			xattr_set="addattr"; xattr_set_args="\$NAME \"\$VALUE\""
427503ef6d4SAugustin Cavalier			xattr_get="catattr"; xattr_get_args="\$NAME"
428503ef6d4SAugustin Cavalier			;;
429a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		darwin)
430a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			xattr_set="xattr"; xattr_set_args="-w \$NAME \"\$VALUE\""
431a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			xattr_get="xattr"; xattr_get_args="-p \$NAME"
432a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			;;
433a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		freebsd)
434a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			xattr_set="setextattr"; xattr_set_args="user \$NAME \"\$VALUE\""
435a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			xattr_get="getextattr"; xattr_get_args="user \$NAME"
436a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			;;
437a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		linux)
438a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			xattr_set="setfattr"; xattr_set_args="-n user.\$NAME -v \"\$VALUE\""
439a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			xattr_get="getfattr"; xattr_get_args="-n user.\$NAME"
440a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			;;
441a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		*)
442a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			return 0
443a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			;;
444a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	esac
445a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	if ! type $xattr_set >/dev/null 2>&1; then
446a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		echo "$0: could not find $xattr_set, assuming host has no extended attributes"
447a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		return 0
448a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	elif ! type $xattr_get >/dev/null 2>&1; then
449a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		echo "$0: could not find $xattr_get, assuming host has no extended attributes"
450a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		return 0
451a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	fi
452a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier
45343f5f35aSAugustin Cavalier	mkdir -p "$outputDir"
454a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	echo "xattr test file" >"$outputDir/xattrtest"
455a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	local i=0
456a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	# on round 0, we test if we can set 3 attrs of 1K each (enough for xattr-ref)
457a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	# on round 1, we test if we can set 3 attrs of 45K each (enough for full xattr)
458a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	while [ $i -lt 2 ]; do
459a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		local j=0
460a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		while [ $j -lt 3 ]; do
461a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			NAME=attr$j
462a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			VALUE=`printf '%*s' $((1024 + $i * 45056)) "" | tr ' ' x`
463a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			if [ `echo -n $VALUE | wc -c` -lt $((1024 + $i * 45056)) ]; then
464a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier				echo "$0: warning: could not generate test data for extended attributes"
465a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier				rm "$outputDir/xattrtest"
466a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier				return $i
467a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			elif ! $xattr_set `eval echo \"$xattr_set_args\"` \
468a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier					"$outputDir/xattrtest" >/dev/null 2>&1 ; then
469a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier				rm "$outputDir/xattrtest"
470a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier				return $i
471a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			fi
472a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier			j=$((j+1))
473a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		done
474a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier		i=$((i+1))
475a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	done
476a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	rm "$outputDir/xattrtest"
477a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier	return 2
478a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier}
479a5c952dbSAugustin Cavalier
480483b28e4SIngo Weinholdis_in_list()
481483b28e4SIngo Weinhold{
482483b28e4SIngo Weinhold	local element
483483b28e4SIngo Weinhold	for element in $2; do
484483b28e4SIngo Weinhold		if [ "$1" = "$element" ]; then
485483b28e4SIngo Weinhold			return 0
486483b28e4SIngo Weinhold		fi
487483b28e4SIngo Weinhold	done
488483b28e4SIngo Weinhold	return 1
489483b28e4SIngo Weinhold}
490483b28e4SIngo Weinhold
4917f9beaf1SOliver Tappe# check for --help or -h and show usage immediately
4927f9beaf1SOliver Tappeif [ "$1" = "--help" ] || [ "$1" = "-h" ]; then
4938b420c2fSOliver Tappe	usage; exit 0;
4948b420c2fSOliver Tappefi
4958b420c2fSOliver Tappe
496338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold# get cwd and the source directory
497338b8dc3SIngo WeinholdcurrentDir=`pwd`
4986e7c6fe5SIngo Weinholdcd `dirname "$0"`
499338b8dc3SIngo WeinholdsourceDir=`pwd`
5006e7c6fe5SIngo Weinholdcd "$currentDir"
501338b8dc3SIngo Weinhold
502a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier# determine output directory
503a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalierif [ "$currentDir" = "$sourceDir" ]; then
504a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	outputDir=$currentDir/generated
505a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalierelse
506a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	outputDir=$currentDir
507a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalierfi
508a107d3b4SAugustin CavalierbuildOutputDir="$outputDir/build"
509a107d3b4SAugustin CavalierHAIKU_BUILD_ATTRIBUTES_DIR="$outputDir/attributes"
510a107d3b4SAugustin CavalierbuildConfigFile="$buildOutputDir/BuildConfig"
511a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier
512a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier# check for update request
513a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalierif [ "$1" = "--update" ]; then
514a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	if ! [ -e "$buildConfigFile" ]; then
515a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier		echo $0 --update: \'$buildConfigFile\' not found - updating not possible.
516a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier		exit 1
517a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	fi
518a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	# get last configure invocation and flags from BuildConfig and call ourselves with it
519a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	lastPwd=`grep "#d " "$buildConfigFile" | cut -c 4-`
520a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	lastConfig=`grep "#c " "$buildConfigFile" | cut -c 4-`
521a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	lastEnv=`grep "#e " "$buildConfigFile" | cut -c 4-`
522a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	lastArgs=`grep "#a " "$buildConfigFile" | cut -c 4-`
523a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	if [ -z "$lastConfig" ]; then
524a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier		echo "$0 --update: The previous configure invocation was not properly" \
525a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier			"encoded into '$buildConfigFile' - updating not possible."
526a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier		exit 1
527a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	fi
528a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	cd $lastPwd
529a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	if [ -n "$lastEnv" ]; then
530a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier		export $lastEnv
531a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	fi
532a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	$lastConfig $lastArgs
533a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier	exit $?
534a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalierfi
535a107d3b4SAugustin Cavalier
53655d267a4SFrançois Revol# backup the passed arguments